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“Freedom is a young idea.  It’s only been tested for a couple hundred years.  We’ve had a taste of it and we’re throwing it away.”
                                                                                                                                Ron Paul 2011

IMPORTANT older news just coming to my attention!!!
Maxine Waters: ‘Obama Has Put In Place’ Secret Database With ‘Everything On Everyone’
Bob Lablaw
February 7, 2013

"The President has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life," Representative Maxine Waters told Roland Martin on Monday.  See it here.

Full-Blown Civil War Erupts On Wall Street – Financial Elite Start Turning On Each Other
Wake Up World
David DeGraw
September 6, 2011

Finally, after trillions in fraudulent activity, trillions in bailouts, trillions in printed money, billions in political bribing and billions in bonuses, the criminal cartel members on Wall Street are beginning to get what they deserve. As the Eurozone is coming apart at the seams and as the US economy grinds to a halt, the financial elite are starting to turn on each other. The lawsuits are piling up fast. Here’s an extensive roundup:  Read More

Ten Years After Decriminalization, Drug Abuse Down by Half in Portugal
Erik Kain
July 5, 2011

Drug warriors often contend that drug use would skyrocket if we were to legalize or decriminalize drugs in the United States. Fortunately, we have a real-world example of the actual effects of ending the violent, expensive War on Drugs and replacing it with a system of treatment for problem users and addicts.  Read More

CIA Operated Aerial Spraying Plane Carrying "Mutated" Virus Shot Down in China
Prevent Disease
November 30, 2009

Reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that a US government contracted airplane piloted by American CIA agents and carrying a cargo of a "mutated"swine flu virus intended for aerial spraying was shot down at China's Shanghai Pudong airport by a saboteur team of what are believed to be Israeli Mossad soldiers seeking to prevent an American attack upon one of their Central Asian bases located in the Central Asian Nation of Kyrgyzstan. 
Read More

Current News:

Lawmakers accuse Sebelius of lying about Obamacare premiums
Tea Party
March 26, 2014

House Ways and Means committee chairman Rep. Dave Camp and health subcommittee chairman Rep. Kevin Brady held up “new evidence” Tuesday to accuse the Obama administration of “misleading” Congress about supposedly not keeping track of how many Obamacare customers have paid their first-month premiums.  Read More


You have GOT to be kidding???  
Obama to Call for End to N.S.A.’s Bulk Data Collection

New York Times
Charlie Savage
March 24, 2014

The Obama administration is preparing to unveil a legislative proposal for a far-reaching overhaul of the National Security Agency’s once-secret bulk phone records program in a way that — if approved by Congress — would end the aspect that has most alarmed privacy advocates since its existence was leaked last year, according to senior administration officials.  Read More


Wells Fargo Caught Forging Mortage Documents — Will We Finally See Jail Time for the Bankers?
Amy Goodman & Juan Gonzalez
March 21, 2014

A new internal report says the Justice Department massively overstated its successes in targeting mortgage fraud while in fact ranking it as a low priority for investigation. The Justice Department’s inspector general says despite playing a central role in the nation’s financial crisis, mortgage fraud was deemed either a low priority or not a priority at all.  Read More


Judge Walton Catches The DOJ Withholding Info About NSA Metadata Lawsuits
Tech Dirt
Tim Cushing
March 21, 2014

Another FISC opinion and order has just been released dealing with the NSA's retention of metadata that may be used as evidence in some ongoing lawsuits against the government. The DOJ had originally asked to hold onto the pertinent data past the five-year expiration date because of these pending lawsuits. This request was shot down by FISC judge Reggie Walton, who stated that holding Americans' data past the disposal date put the surveillance programs on shaky Constitutional grounds, while also pointing out that the government's arguments relied on caselaw dealing with the retention of corporate documents, something which clearly wasn't in the same league as data collected on Americans.  Read More


Soros heavily invested in Ukraine crisis

World Net Daily
Aaron Klein
March 4, 2014

Billionaire George Soros is heavily invested in Ukrainian activism, establishing a center in Kiev that donates large sums of money to the country’s nongovernmental organizations while advocating closer ties to the European Union. 
Read More


And you thought it was about saving the oppressed!!!
Exporting Chaos: 'West spent $5 billion destabilizing Ukraine’

March 22, 2014

Despite previously supporting the self-determination of some nations, the US continues to dismiss Crimea's choice to reunite with Russia. Washington is standing by its newfound allies in Kiev - after helping propel them to power. And as RT's Anastasia Churkina reports, Ukraine's not the first country to go through selective US -backed regime change.  Watch Video


Because Obamacare will NOT affect those already on private healthcare!!!
UPS to drop 15,000 spouses from insurance, cites Obamacare
Atlanta Business Chronicle
Carla Caldwell
August 21, 2013

United Parcel Service Inc. plans to remove thousands of spouses from its medical plan because they are eligible for coverage elsewhere. The Atlanta-based logistics company points to the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, as a big reason for the decision, reports Kaiser Health News.  Read More


Sec. of State John Kerry Bashes the Internet, Says it’s Harder to Govern People with Internet
The State Weekly
Ali Papademetriou
August 19, 2013

Last week, Secretary of State John Kerry met at the United States Embassy in Basilia, Brazil, as cnsnews.com reported. While speaking to State Department workers and their families, Kerry explained in regards of surveillance that he is not too fond of the Internet. “This little thing called the Internet… makes it much harder to govern,” Kerry detailed.  Read More


Citizens Alarmed as Militarized Cops Invade Missouri Neighborhood
Kurt Nimmo
August 15, 2013

In order to justify the use of heavily armed and militarized cops in routine police work, police now say they must rely on SWAT teams to serve felony arrest warrants. In South County, Missouri, police rolled out their SWAT force on Tuesday evening, alarming citizens.  Read More


Greenland ice sheet IS melting but much of the heating is coming from INSIDE the earth
Daily Mail
Ellie Zolfagharifard
August 12, 2013

Ice in Greenland is melting partly because of heat from the Earth's mantle, according to a team of international researchers.  Read More


Liberal Mag Inadvertently Proves Conservatives Right On Minimum Wage While Attacking Walmart
Independent Journal Review
August 10, 2013

Liberal rag The Nation accidentally proved conservatives right when they were forced to face their own hypocrisy on hiring practices by Walmart.

Leftist news organizations have helped boost Obama’s efforts to shore up his failures in creating jobs by raising the minimum wage. These efforts defy free market realities that would force employees to hire fewer people if made to artificially pay employees more than the market rate.  Read More


Obama to honor Clinton, Oprah with freedom medal
Associated Press
Josh Lederman
August 9, 2013

Former President Bill Clinton is headed back to the White House — just for a day — and Oprah is coming, too.

Clinton and Oprah Winfrey will be among 16 people that President Barack Obama will venerate later this year with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the White House announced Thursday.  Read More


Johnny Depp Plans To Spend Millions To Return Wounded Knee To Native Americans
Liberals Unite
Kimberly Johnson
July 10, 2013

The Daily Mail interviewed Johnny Depp, and buried at the bottom of the article was the revelation that Depp plans to spend millions of his own money to return the land, Wounded Knee, in South Dakota, to Native Americans.

The site, the scene of an 1890 massacre, is up for sale for $3.9 million. Local Native Americans say they cannot afford to buy it. Depp is outraged and wants to help.  Read More


Snowden uncovers shocking truth behind Chemtrails
Internet Chronicle
July 11, 2013

Edward Snowden, the hacker who gained access to every secret corner of the Internet during his tenure at the NSA, has come forward with details of a classified project to alter the world’s climate. The shocking truth, as he says, is that chemtrails are part of a benevolent program aimed at countering global warming. By cooperating in secret with jet fuel manufacturers, government agents have carefully kept the massive chemtrail efforts completely under wraps.  Read More


Pothole Robin Hood' Steals Asphalt, Fixes Potholes
ABC Good Morning America
Geetika Rudra
July 10, 2013

A man dubbed the "pothole Robin Hood" is under police investigation for taking asphalt from the city of Jackson, Miss., and filling in potholes on city streets.

Ron Chane admits that he takes the asphalt and repairs potholes, and then signs the filled-in holes with the message "citizen fixed," he told ABC News.  Read More


Have used Startpage since right at it's inception!
Which Internet Company Hasn’t Given The U.S. Government Its Records?

Chris in Maryville’s Blog
June 12, 2013

Outraged Internet users searching for an alternative to the privacy-busting companies they’d trusted are turning to a company that provides what it calls, “the world’s most private search engines.”  Read More


You have GOT to be kidding me!
California Elementary School Holds Toy Gun Buyback…
Red Flag
June 8, 2013

An elementary school will hold a toy gun exchange Saturday, offering students a book and a chance to win a bicycle if they turn in their play weapons.

Strobridge Elementary Principal Charles Hill maintains that children who play with toy guns may not take real guns seriously.  Read More


And Free Speech died a little more today!
DOJ & FBI Raid News Media Offices After Releasing an Alarming Story on President Obama!
The National Report
June 7, 2013

Within hours of publishing a scathing story on President Obama the DOJ raided the offices of the National Report claiming the raid was lawful under the USA Patriot Act but refusing to say why the government was taking the action.  Read More


Sheriff Arrested in Florida Was Defending the Second Amendment
Independent Sentinel
Sara Noble
June 6, 2013

A number of Sheriffs around the country have pledged to abide by the Second Amendment and not enforce laws that they believe violate the Constitution.

Sixty-seven sheriffs in Florida signed one of those pledges declaring that they would uphold the Second Amendment and protect people’s’ right to keep and bear arms.

One of those signatories, Sheriff Nicholas Finch, was arrested by Governor Rick Scott in Florida for actions he took in a case in early March in which Finch made his stand for the Second Amendment.  Read More


House Votes To Stop Homeland Security From Buying Ammo Until DHS Explains Need For Large Purchases
Jan Morgan Media
June 6, 2013

The House late Wednesday voted to stop the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from entering into new contracts to buy millions of rounds of ammunition until the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reports to Congress on the need for the ammo, and its cost.  Read More


Two IRS officials put on administrative leave for accepting gifts at Calif. Conference
Washington Post
Lisa Rein
June 5, 2013

The Internal Revenue Service said Wednesday that two managers who attended a conference the agency held in Southern California in 2010 have been placed on administrative leave for accepting free food and other gifts in violation of government ethics standards.

Top IRS officials were notified of  the misconduct three months ago by the Treasury Department inspector general, whose office discovered the gifts in the course of an audit of the conference held in Anaheim, Calif., government sources said.   Read More


Does this scare you?  It should!!!
DHS Funded Active School Shooter Drill Includes Roadside Bombs, Helicopters
Secrets of the Fed
Mikael Thalen
June 4, 2013

Teachers and middle school students from Eatonville, Wash. took part in several “active shooter” drills Tuesday with local police, fire, and SWAT.

The Department of Homeland Security funded drills, which weren’t highly publicized ahead of time due to claims that officials wanted the drills to be more realistic, included an “angry gunman” in the school as well as an active hostage situation on a bus.  Read More

School shooting drill a real eye-opener for students
KOMO Seattle WA News
Keith Eldridge
June 4, 2013

Middle school students got an eye-opening experience Tuesday as during a drill, they were rushed by an "active shooter."  Read More


About time!!!
Monsanto GMO Science Now Being Rejected By The NY Times
The Liberty Beacon
John Rappoport
June 4, 2013

This isn’t a leak. It isn’t a timid flow. It’s a flood.

I’m talking about the criticism of Monsanto’s so-called science of genetically-engineered food.  Read More


Canadian relief for Moore tornado victims denied at border
CBCNews – Windsor
May 31, 2013

A Canadian shipment of relief goods bound for storm-ravaged Oklahoma has been stopped at the Canada-U.S. border in Windsor, Ont.

American officials will not allow the 20,000 kilograms of food, blankets and diapers into the country until every item on board is itemized in alphabetical order and has the country of origin of every product noted.  Read More


Based on older info, but important, none the less, ESPECIALLY with what is currently going on with the IRS
Big Ag Hires Blackwater To Gather Intelligence On Anti-GMO Advocates
Mint Press News
May 29, 2013

Biotech giant Monsanto has hired private security firm Academi, formerly known as Blackwater, to perform security work and gather intelligence amid growing public opposition to genetically modified foods, or GMOs, according to documents obtained by The Nation. The activities may even include infiltrating anti-Monsanto activist groups.  Read More


Flavoring products?  Isn't China the country with the urine-soaked boiled eggs???  Just sayin'!!!
Chinese Firm Bids $4.7 Billion for Virginia's Smithfield Foods

The Associated Press via Daily Finance
Michael Felberbaum
May 29, 2013

Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd. has agreed to buy Smithfield Foods for approximately $4.72 billion, the largest acquisition of a U.S. company by a Chinese company.

Hong Kong-based Shuanghui owns a variety of global businesses that include food, logistics and flavoring products and is China's largest meat processing enterprise. Smithfield, the world's biggest pork producer, owns brands such as Armour, Farmland and its namesake label.  Read More


Barack Hussein Obama Financially Supporting a Worldwide Christian Genocide of Women and Children
Sharia Unveiled
Ryan Keller
May 29, 2013

Members of the Free Syrian Army reportedly attacked the Christian-dominated al-Duvair village in Reef on the outskirts of Homs on Monday, where they massacred its citizens, including women and children, before the Syrian Army loyal to Bashar al Assad intervened on behalf of the Christians.  Read More


Miami-Dade Police Choke Black Teenager Because He Was Giving Them "Dehumanizing Stares"

Miami New Times Blog
Kyle Munzenrieder
May 29, 2013

Fourteen-year-old Tremaine McMillian didn't threaten police. He didn't attack them. He wasn't armed. All the black teenager did was appear threatening by shooting Miami-Dade police officers a few "dehumanizing stares," and that was apparently enough for the officers to decide to slam him against the ground and put him in a chokehold.  Read More


This is also UNACCEPTABLE!!!
72 Year Old Grandfather Shot & Killed by Police in His Driveway As He Attempted to Check on Neighbors When Alarm Went Off

Guns Save Lives
May 29, 2013

A 72 year old grandfather has been shot and killed by Forth Worth, TX police in his own driveway. Police were responding to a burglar alarm call when they saw the armed elderly citizen in his driveway across the street.  Read More


Record 10,978,040 Now on Disability; ‘Disability’ Would Be 8th Most Populous State
CNS News
Terence P Jeffrey
May 29, 2013

The total number of people in the United States now receiving federal disability benefits hit a record 10,978,040 in May, up from 10,962,532 million in April, according to newly released data from the Social Security Administration.

The 10,978,040 disability beneficiaries in the United States now exceed the population of all but seven states. For example, there are more Americans collecting disability today than there are people living in Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey or Virginia.  Read More


Massachusetts paid out $2.39 million in welfare benefits to dead people
The Daily Caller
Caroline May
May 28, 2013

An audit of the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) issued Tuesday revealed millions of dollars in “questionable benefits,” including millions paid out to dead people.  Read More


Well...What do you know!?!
South Portland Doctor Stops Accepting Insurance, Able To Cut Prices By Fifty Percent
The Liberty Crier
May 28, 2013

Dr. Michael Ciampi took a step this spring that many of his fellow physicians would describe as radical.

The family physician stopped accepting all forms of health insurance.  Read More


Now. Believe me, I am NOT for Child Porn, but isn’t this illegal?
FBI shared child porn to nab pedophiles; Washington home raided

San Francisco Chronicle
Levi Pulkkinen
May 28, 2013

The FBI seized and ran a child pornography service late last year as investigators worked to identify its customers, one Western Washington man allegedly among them.

Following a lengthy investigation, Nebraska-based agents raided the large child pornography service in November hoping to catch users who shared thousands of images showing children being raped, displayed and abused.  Read More


CONFIRMED: IRS Gave Preferential Treatment to Malik Obama’s Charity – Now Found Linked to Genocidal Regime
The Gateway Pundit
Jim Hoft
May 28, 2013

In light of the recent revelations that the IRS has been unfairly targeting conservative groups, President Obama’s half-brother “got a sweetheart deal” from the IRS. According to the Daily Caller, Lois Lerner, the senior IRS official at the center of the decision to target tea party groups for burdensome tax scrutiny, signed paperwork granting tax-exempt status to the Barack H. Obama Foundation, a shady charity headed by the president’s half-brother that operated illegally for years. Lerner approved the foundation’s tax status within a month of filing.  Read More


Let's see Pelosi blame THIS on Bush!?!
Poll worker convicted of voting fraud

Cincinnati News
Kimball Perry
May 28, 2013

A former Hamilton County poll worker was convicted Tuesday of illegal voting and could go to prison for up to six years for it.

Melowese Richardson, 58, of Madisonville pleaded no contest to four counts of illegal voting – including voting three times for a relative who has been in a coma since 2003 – in exchange for prosecutors dropping four other illegal voting charges.  Read More

Ohio Woman Who Voted 6 Times For Obama Convicted Of Felony Voter Fraud

Pat Dollard
Read More


Anyone here surprised???
On the eve of March against Monsanto Senate shoots down GMO labeling bill

Russia Today
May 24, 2013

As 200,000 people prepare to march against Monsanto, the Senate has overwhelmingly rejected a bill that would allow states to decide if genetically modified food products should be labeled. 
Read More

Extensive List of Politicians Paid Off By Monsanto
Anthony Gucciardi
May 29, 2013

Democrat, Republican, it doesn’t matter. As long as you can help Monsanto slide its icy tentacles into the food chain, then there’s some financial tip available to you. Thankfully, many such ties can be exposed through some data digging, and thanks to diligent readers who send comprehensive news tips and other researchers out there, we now have an extensive list of politicians getting paid cold hard cash from GMO juggernaut Monsanto.  Read More


Obama’s EPA Scandal Begins To See The Light Of Day
Freedom Outpost
Tim Brown
May 24, 2013

Currently on the front burner of scandals in the Obama administration are Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting of conservative groups, and the AP scandal. Of course, Fast and Furious is also still very much alive. However, over the past week, two more scandals are coming to light and may be just as big as the others. One of those involves the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Read More


Doctor Who Has Performed 1,200 Abortions Implores Congress to Pass…Abortion Ban
The Blaze
Jason Howerton
May 24, 2013

Dr. Anthony Levantino, a New Mexico doctor who previously performed 1,200 abortions, testified before Congress on Thursday and asked lawmakers to pass a bill that would ban abortions nationwide after 20 weeks of pregnancy.  Read More


It Begins… Communist Indoctrination Included in Common Core Literature for First Graders (Video)
Gateway Pundit
Jim Hoft
May 23, 2013

Reading, writing and arithmetic are out – Communist indoctrination is in!
The radical left is indoctrinating FIRST GRADERS in communist doctrine disguised as educational tools for first graders. The indoctrination is part of the Common Core curriculum for elementary students.  Watch It Here


Head Of The IMF Christine Lagarde In Court Charged With Embezzlement And Fraud
Liberty Calling
Judy Morris
May 23, 2013

The head of the International Monetary Fund arrived in the dock of a Paris courtroom today as she braced herself to be formally charged with embezzlement and fraud.

Christine Lagarde’s humiliation is not only a massive personal blow which could lead to her resignation, but one which will plunge the world’s banking system into further ignominy...Read More


Remember, your right to defend yourself and your family is NOT granted by government!!!
911 Dispatcher Tells Woman About To Be Sexually Assaulted There Are No Cops To Help Her Due To Budget Cuts

CBS Seattle
May 23, 2013

An Oregon woman was told by a 911 dispatcher that authorities wouldn’t be able be able to help her as her ex-boyfriend broke into her place because of budget cuts.  Read More


AND…from earlier!
Health Insurers Threaten To Increase Premiums, Even As Profits Soar
Think Progress
Igor Volsky
March 22, 2013

Some of the nation’s largest health insurance companies are warning investors that they’ll raise insurance premiums by as much as 116 percent next year, as the coverage expansion provisions in the Affordable Care Act go into effect and millions of uninsured Americans begin purchasing coverage.  Read More


IRS withholds tax exempt status unless group signs oath not to protest Planned Parenthood

Janeen Capizola
May 21, 2013

An outraged Sen. Chuck Grassley shared the incredible news that besides asking for the content of the prayers of a pro-life group in Iowa, the Internal Revenue Service asked the group to sign an oath swearing they would not protest at Planned Parenthood facilities if it wanted tax-exempt status.  Read More  

Director of IRS Tax-Exempt Determinations Office Is Obama Donor

National Review – The Corner
Eliana Johnson
May 15, 2013

The director of the Office of Rulings and Agreements, which oversees the determinatons of tax-exempt organizations, is a donor to Barack Obama. Holly Paz donated $2,000 to Obama’s 2008 campaign, according to Open Secrets, which maintains a database of individual political donations.  Read More


Watchdog report says DOJ official retaliated against ‘Furious’ whistle-blower, lied about it
Fox News
William La Jeunesse
May 20, 2013

The former U.S. Attorney for Arizona could be disbarred, after an investigation found he lied to the Justice Department about his role in trying to discredit the federal whistle-blower who exposed the botched gun-running scheme known as Fast and Furious. 
Read More


Embattled IRS official Lois Lerner’s husband’s law firm has strong Obama connections
The Daily Caller
Patrick Howley
May 16, 2013

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) official who apologized for targeting conservative nonprofit groups for extra scrutiny is married to an attorney whose firm hosted a voter registration organizing event for the 2012 Obama re-election campaign, praised President Obama’s policy work, and had one of its partners appointed by Obama to a key ambassadorship.  Read More


At least SOMEONE is talking common sense in the media!
Judge Napolitano Tears Apart Eric Holder And DOJ For ‘Profound And Direct Assault On First Amendment’
Andrew Krell
May 14, 2013

Reacting to Attorney General Eric Holder‘s Tuesday afternoon press briefing on the Department of Justice’s secret seizing of Associated Press phone records, Fox senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano tore into the agency for its “direct assault” on the Constitution that he says circumvented the proper channels laid out by the law.  Read More


Whoops!  I guess there is no denying this one!
Report: DOJ Needed Holder’s Signature to Get AP Phone Records

The Blaze
Becket Adams
May 14, 2013

The Associated Press reported Monday that the Department of Justice had secretly seized two months worth of telephone records from reporters and editors working for the global news organization.

Needless to say, news that the DOJ had secretly obtained AP phone records has rocked the media. As it turns out, people really, really don’t like being spied on or having the feds snoop around their personal information.  Read More


The DoJ needs to review the pertinent points from Kats vs US!!!
DOJ: We don't need warrants for e-mail, Facebook chats
Declan McCullagh
May 8, 2013

The U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI believe they don't need a search warrant to review Americans' e-mails, Facebook chats, Twitter direct messages, and other private files, internal documents reveal.  Read More


NYPD will deploy 'harmless' gas into subway in terror response drill
Russia Today
April 25, 2013

The New York City Police Department announced Wednesday that it will deploy, then track, what it calls “harmless” gases into the city’s subway system over three non-consecutive days this summer.

The plan, to be enacted in July, will investigate New York’s readiness to handle a chemical terrorist attack by dispersing the colorless gas and tracing it as it flows through the city, according to Scientific American. The test is expected to cost $3.4 million and is scheduled to be carried out in all five boroughs and dozens of stations on 21 of the city's 34 subway lines.  Read More


Lest We Forget–Former CIA officer says Mossad posing as FBI agents In America
The Ugly Truth
Philip Giraldi
April 25, 2013

Israeli government claims that it does not spy on the United States are intended for the media and popular consumption. The reality is that Israel’s intelligence agencies target the United States intensively, particularly in pursuit of military and dual-use civilian technology. Among nations considered to be friendly to Washington, Israel leads all others in its active espionage directed against American companies and the Defense Department. It also dominates two commercial sectors that enable it to extend its reach inside America’s domestic infrastructure: airline and telecommunications security. Israel is believed to have the ability to monitor nearly all phone records originating in the United States, while numerous Israeli air-travel security companies are known to act as the local Mossad stations.  Read More


Geoengineered Snowstorms – THE SNOWMEN Turning Warmth Into Winter Part 1
Geoengineering Watch
William Thomas
April 18, 2013

Screenheads clicking into Hollywood’s upcoming distractions can anticipate some improbable sci-fi antics this summer. But make believe can’t come close to what’s happening right over their bowed heads. It’s called “Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering” and it means exactly what you’d rather not ask.

“Aerosols” are microscopic particles naturally or intentionally suspended in an increasingly angry atmosphere. Borrowing from Victor Galaz at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, we can say that geoengineering is the intentional, large-scale technological intervention in Earth’s atmosphere to mitigate the impacts of human-induced warming before critical thresholds are crossed from which there is no return.  Read More


How long will it be before they refuse to protect OUR rights here!
U.S. Attorney General says homeschooling is not a fundamental right
Arizona Family Rights Project
Lynda Altman
April 1, 2013

Americans have it pretty good when it comes to homeschooling. The federal government leaves homeschool families alone. Individual states are left with the decision to manage homeschool, and it is legal to homeschool in every state. However, this may soon change. A dark cloud is rising over U.S. parent’s right to homeschool. It is starting with the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. CBN News quoted Holder on March 18, 2013, saying that homeschooling is not a fundamental right.  Read More


Older but needs to be reviewed!
CIA Agents Confirm Obama Told Them Not To Aid Ambassador Chris Stevens – The White House Disinformation Campaign on Libya
Before it’s News
October 29, 2012

Was Obama finished with our Ambassador to Libya where the Arms Trading was concerned???? Did he believe Chris Stevens was going to go public with what he knew about this administrations illegal trading of weapons to the enemy??? Was this like the dreadful murderous collateral damage of ‘Fast and Furious’ ???  Read/Watch More

Old news, but EXTREMELY important…
Millions Spent to Confuse Public About Geoengineering
Conscious Life News
May 11, 2011

In this video starting at the 2:40, M. Granger Morgan states: “First of all, of course, there is a lot of money getting spent to make sure that a very substantial portion of the public stays totally confused about this. And, I mean, it’s been really quite pernicious. But there’s been literally tens of millions of dollars spent on every little thing that comes along that might, you know, relate to some uncertainty.  Read More


Older, but worth a look
150 Officials Including FBI Raid Nonviolent Prepper and Confiscate Firearms

Spread Liberty News
Ali Papademetriou
December 7, 2012

Prepping may seem like a thing of the past, but it has actually gained a lot of attention in recent years. After all, it’s even snagged a spot with National Geographic on the hit show, Doomsday Preppers, which features individuals and families who practice survivalist skills, collect and store large sums of water and food, and master self defense mechanisms in preparation for a worst possible scenario.  Read More


Just brought to my attention...
DARPA shows off 1.8-gigapixel surveillance drone, can spot a terrorist from 20,000 feet

Extreme Tech
Sebastian Anthony
January 28, 2013

DARPA and the US Army have taken the wraps off ARGUS-IS, a 1.8-gigapixel video surveillance platform that can resolve details as small as six inches from an altitude of 20,000 feet (6km). ARGUS is by far the highest-resolution surveillance platform in the world, and probably the highest-resolution camera in the world, period. 
Read More


IRS Data Web Snares Mostly Low- and Middle-Income Taxpayers
US News
Richard Satran
May 1, 2013

The Internal Revenue Service relies on technology more than ever to sniff out tax cheats using robo-audits and data mining--but so far it has caught lot of minnows, and big fish are still eluding detection.

Even as millions of people's accounts are screened online and matched against their digital files elsewhere, the IRS's data-detection tools come nowhere close to collecting the $400 billion in tax dodges estimated to take place each year.  Read More


Afghan Leader Confirms Cash Deliveries by C.I.A.
NY Times
Matthew Rosenberg
April 29, 2013

President Hamid Karzai acknowledged Monday that the Central Intelligence Agency has been dropping off bags of cash at his office for a decade, saying the money was used for “various purposes” and expressing gratitude to the United States for making the payments.  Read More


FBI Says It Supplied Fake Bomb in Chicago Plot
Fractured Paradigm
April 23, 2013

A man arrested for allegedly placing a backpack he thought contained a bomb near Chicago’s Wrigley Field got the fake explosive from an FBI undercover agent, authorities say — a tactic that has been used in other U.S. terrorism cases in recent years.

Sami Samir Hassoun, 22, a Lebanese citizen living in Chicago for about three years, was charged Monday with one count each of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempted use of an explosive device.  Read More

VIDEO:  Fox News host Andrew P. Napolitano Admits FBI Have Been Involved In 17 False Flag Terror Non-Events
Watch Here


VIDEO:  US protects CIA-trained terrorist
Brasscheck TV
Watch Here


Before the Blast, West Fertilizer’s Monsanto Lawsuit
The Liberty Crier
Alexandra Berzon
April 23, 2013

As details emerge about the Texas fertilizer plant that was the site of Wednesday’s fatal explosion and fire, a few tidbits can be gleaned from a 2007 lawsuit that the plant’s owners filed against agribusiness giant Monsanto Co. 
Read More


Curiouser and curiouser!!!
Who Gave North Korea Nukes In The First Place?
Paul Joseph Watson
April 12, 2013

Amidst reports that North Korea now has nuclear-equipped ballistic missiles as experts warn a conflict on the Korean peninsular is more likely than not, it’s important to remember who armed North Korea with nuclear weapons in the first place – namely the U.S. government and the CIA.  Read More


Oh, this is rich...
General Assembly approves stormwater fee for nine counties
Maryland Reporter
Justin Snow
April 10, 2013

Despite a Republican filibuster attempt in the Senate, the General Assembly successfully passed legislation that would implement a stormwater pollution fee to raise revenue to cleanup the Chesapeake Bay.  Read More


Sen. Malcolm Smith Arrested In Alleged Plot To Rig New York City Mayor’s Race

CBS New York
April 2, 2013

It’s a stunning and wide-ranging public corruption scandal.

Six highly-placed politicians are accused of using bribery to rig this year’s New York City mayoral race.

There were three distinct parts to the public corruption and bribery scandal, but in all three money flowed freely and, at times, city and state funds — your tax dollars — paid the freight, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reported Tuesday.  Read More


LOCAL News!!!
City Council approves funding for new armored vehicle

Columbia Missourian
Joseph Vozzelli, Jr.
April 1, 2013

The Columbia City Council voted 6-1 to approve funding to purchase a new armored vehicle for the Columbia Police Department.

The council approved the use of about $227,000 in local revenue and police forfeiture funds to purchase the vehicle, a Lenco BearCat, at its Monday night meeting.  Read More


Symbols of Bush-era Lawlessness Flourish Under Obama
Rolling Stones
John Knefel
April 2, 2013

During the George W. Bush years, two of the most controversial elements of what was then called the Global War on Terror were the CIA's rendition, detention and interrogation (RDI) program and the creation of the prison camps at Guantanamo Bay. The RDI program included waterboarding and other forms of torture, as well as so-called black site prisons where detainees were held incommunicado after being abducted by the CIA, and sometimes tortured by members of the host country's security forces.  Read More


Mexican drug cartels moving deep into USA
USA Today
April 1, 2013

Mexican drug cartels whose operatives once rarely ventured beyond the U.S. border are dispatching some of their most trusted agents to live and work deep inside the United States - an emboldened presence that experts believe is meant to tighten their grip on the world's most lucrative narcotics market and maximize profits. 
Read More


Why wouldn’t this be allowed???
Unanimous Supreme Court Rules that Citizens Can Hold Federal Government Liable for Abuse by Law Enforcement Officers
Liberty Crier
March 29, 2013

In its ruling in Millbrook v. United States, a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court has concluded that the U.S. government may be held liable for abuses intentionally carried out by law enforcement officers in the course of their employment.  Read More


There is only ONE reason to do something like this…ONLY ONE!
Identifying Targets? Iowa Newspaper Publishes Interactive Map Showing All Public Schools With No Security Officers
The Blaze
Mike Opelka
March 27, 2013

On Wednesday afternoon, the Des Moines Register published a map that shows which public schools in Iowa have no security.  Read More

Des Moines Register: Advertises Kill Zones-Claims Their Stance On Gun Ownership is Not a Serious Issue
Freedomfighter Radio
March 29, 2013

On Friday 3-29-2013 at 9:09 pm edt, Jim and Debbie hosts of Arising Republic Radio made a live ON AIR phone call to the Des Moines Register at (800) 247-5346 and spoke with a man named Lucas Casey who is also a Marine Veteran. We asked him about some of the actions taken by the Des Moines Register against Gun Owners. Arising Republic Radio is the first and only patriot radio show to confront them Live On The Air.  Hear the audio and Read More


Your out-of-control Government hard at work!!!
Texas Democrat Proposes Legislation That Would Remove Sheriffs Who Refuse to Enforce Gun Control Laws From Office

The Blaze
Jason Howerton
March 27, 2013

Hundreds of sheriffs across the country have banded together and vowed not to enforce any new state or federal gun control legislation because they feel such laws would be in violation of the U.S. Constitution — the document they took an oath to uphold.  Read More


Obama's Crackdown on Whistleblowers
The Nation
Tim Shorrock
March 26, 2013

n the annals of national security, the Obama administration will long be remembered for its unprecedented crackdown on whistleblowers. Since 2009, it has employed the World War I–era Espionage Act a record six times to prosecute government officials suspected of leaking classified information. The latest example is John Kiriakou, a former CIA officer serving a thirty-month term in federal prison for publicly identifying an intelligence operative involved in torture. It’s a pattern: the whistleblowers are punished, sometimes severely, while the perpetrators of the crimes they expose remain free.   Read More


Remember the movie Ghost Protocol???  Yep!  They used that...
Facial recognition and GPS tracking: TrapWire company conducting even more surveillance

Russia Today
March 27, 2013

An internationally-spread Orwellian surveillance system uncovered by RT has been linked to a software company that collects the GPS coordinates of cell phone users in over 100 major cities.  Read More


'Monsanto Protection Act' slips silently through US Congress
Russia Today
March 26, 2013

The US House of Representatives quietly passed a last-minute addition to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill for 2013 last week - including a provision protecting genetically modified seeds from litigation in the face of health risks. 
Read More


Of course he does…Did ANYONE expect anything less???
Obama Admin. Ignores Nullification: Federal Agents Will Enforce ObamaCare

The New American
Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
March 25, 2013

President Obama will not wait on states to enforce ObamaCare. The Obama administration has announced its intent to disregard state laws and state constitutional amendments prohibiting the enforcement of ObamaCare. Federal agents from the Department of Health and Human Services will assume absolute control over states’ health insurance industry and regulation in states that refuse to comply with the federal healthcare mandates.  Read More


N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg rolls out $12 million ad campaign for gun legislation
Washington Times
David Sherfinski
March 24, 2013

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is launching a $12 million nationwide advertising blitz in 13 states during Congress‘ two-week Easter break in an attempt to ramp up pressure on Democrats and Republicans alike to pass federal gun legislation.  Read More


Biden and his thugs...
Biden Staffer Forces Journalist To Delete Pictures and Search His iPhone After Maryland Speech
Jonathan Turley
March 15, 2013

Recently, I felt Vice President Joe Biden was unfairly quoted in a speech that he gave at the University of Maryland on domestic violence. I am less supportive however about what followed the speech. A Biden aide proceeded to threaten a student journalist about taking pictures of Biden and Dana Rosenzweig proceeded to demand that the student delete his pictures and show her his cellphone.  Read More

How HIGHLY suspicious is it that now that 2nd Amendment advocates what to arm school administrators and teachers we have news of a teacher threatening to shoot students???
No Charges For Teacher Accused Of Threatening To Shoot Students
March 13, 2013

A Chesterfield County middle school teacher is on leave, accused of making comments about shooting students.

The teacher involved is now being investigated by police. 8News spoke with the accused teacher, who has been advised not to comment. The teacher did say all the fact will come out during the investigation.  Read More


What a shocker!!!
Three-quarters of Americans distrust the government

Russia Today
March 12, 2013

A new poll shows that 73 percent of Americans distrust the decisions made by the federal government – a number that has been steadily increasing throughout the last two administrations.

At its highest point, which occurred during President Obama’s first term, 80 percent of Americans lacked faith in the federal government. While former President George W. Bush fared slightly better, his administration witnessed a steady decline in trust that began in 2002, according to the new data from the Pew Research Center.  Read More


Appeals Court Curbs Border Agents’ Carte Blanche Power to Search Your Gadgets
David Kravets
March 8, 2013

A federal appeals court for the first time ruled Friday that U.S. border agents do not have carte blanche authority to search the cellphones, tablets and laptops of travelers entering the country — a “watershed” decision in the court’s own terms and one at odds with the policies of the President Barack Obama administration.  Read More


Really!?!  Soooo…people are getting medals for video game-style warfare…
Pentagon Says 'Drone Medal' Beats Purple Heart, Bronze Star

US News
Jason Koebler
March 7, 2013

The Pentagon says there are no plans to downgrade the recently-created Distinguished Warfare Medal, which would be awarded to military drone pilots, despite a recent push from lawmakers who say it should not be considered more prestigious than the Purple Heart.  Read More


Governor Jay Nixon needs to answer some questions!
Kinder Says Nixon Administration Helping Feds Compile a Gun List

KMOX St Louis
Kevin Killeen
March 7, 2013

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder says the Missouri Department of Revenue is illegally sharing information on concealed gun permit applicants with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

“We’re trying to get answers from the Governor and he’s stonewalling us,” Kinder said, “Missourians have a right to know where this policy came from.”  Read More


Create the crisis so the public can be manipulated!
Leaked Email: Obama Caught “Faking” Impact of Sequester

Capitalism Institute
March 5, 2013

A leaked email is showing how the Obama administration is “faking” how harsh the impact of the sequester “cuts” are going to be. The goal is to make the impacts of the “cuts” as bad as the administration promised — even if they have to fake it. In other words, Obama wants to hurt people in the real world in order to score political points. Disgusting.  Read More


Standard Shotgun Could Face Ban In New Bill
Freedom Outpost
Tim Brown
March 2, 2013

While not the proposed double barreled shotgun Vice President Joe Biden encouraged women to get themselves for protection, the standard pump shotgun is now in the sights of gun control freaks in Colorado. House Bill 13-1224 is a bill that references large-capacity magazines and yet specifically targets certain shotguns that have the ability to be altered to hold more than five shotgun shells.  Read More


All a part of the bought and paid for media…
ABC broadcast edits out Michelle Obama claim that Chicago teen was killed by an ‘automatic weapon’

Washington Examiner
Charlie Spiering
February 26, 2013

In an interview with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts aired this morning, First Lady Michelle Obama recalled the tragic death of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton who was shot and killed in Chicago after performing during the President’s Inauguration celebration in Washington D.C.

“She was caught in the line of fire because some kids had some automatic weapons they didn’t need,” the First Lady explained. “I just don’t want to keep disappointing our kids in this country. I want them to know that we put them first.”  Read More


Leaked DOJ Memo: Outlaw and Confiscate All Guns
Leak Source
February 24, 2013

The National Rifle Association has obtained a Department of Justice memo calling for national gun registration and confiscation. The nine page “cursory summary” on current gun control initiatives was not officially released by the Obama administration.

The DOJ memo states the administration “believes that a gun ban will not work without mandatory gun confiscation,” according to the NRA, and thinks universal background checks “won’t work without requiring national gun registration.” Obama has yet to publicly support national registration or firearms confiscation, although the memo reveals his administration is moving in that direction.  Read More


This is TRULY disturbing…
Disarming America’s Heroes

United States Justice Foundation
February 21, 2013

How would you feel if you received a letter from the U.S. Government informing you that because of a physical or mental condition that the government says you have it is proposing to rule that you are incompetent to handle your own financial affairs? Suppose that letter also stated that the government is going to appoint a stranger to handle your affairs for you at your expense? That would certainly be scary enough but it gets worse.  Read More


This is older but show the benefits of KNOWING your rights...
So…there IS hope for us…JURY NULLIFICATION!

Raw Milk Co-Op Farmer Acquitted Through Jury Nullification
Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance
JB Vibes
Sept 28, 2012

Last week a Minnesota man charged with violating the state’s restrictions on raw milk sales was acquitted in what he and his supporters called a victory for consumer freedom.  Alvin Schlangen is a peaceful farmer who connects people with the food sources that meet their high standards for health by providing private access under lawful ownership of farm animals.  Read More

Fully Informed Jury


WA Dems Sponsor Bill Allowing Police to Search Gunowners' Homes
Ben Shapiro
February 18, 2013

In a mistake that probably wasn’t a mistake, a Washington state bill sponsored by liberal Democrats contained a little-noticed provision that would have called for the police to have the right to search private citizens’ home once per year if they own certain types of guns. According to Senate Bill 5737:  Read More


Chicago Police Chief says firearms owners are corrupt and endanger public safety
Illinois Review
February 17, 2013

The Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA), thinks Chicago's embattled police superintendent dug himself deeper into a pit of controversy today by claiming that lawful firearm owners are agents of political corruption. Appearing on a Chicago Sunday morning talk show, superintendent Garry McCarthy expressed his conviction that firearm owners who lobby their elected representatives or who donate money to political campaigns are engaged in corruption that endangers public safety.  Read More


Seed Giants Sue U.S. Farmers Over Genetically Modified Seed Patents In Shocking Numbers: Report
Huffington Post Green
Rachel Tepper
February 13, 2013

The Supreme Court will hear arguments Feb. 19 in "Bowman v. Monsanto Co.," a landmark court battle that has pitted farmer Vernon Hugh Bowman against the international agriculture corporation over the issue of seed patents. In anticipation, the Center for Food Safety and the Save Our Seeds campaigning groups released a report Tuesday detailing similar cases, titled "Seed Giants vs. U.S. Farmers." 
Read More


Obama signs executive order on cybersecurity
Russia Today
February 13, 2013

Barack Obama has signed an executive order on cybersecurity aimed at boosting the defense of critical US infrastructure, while also avoiding the criticism over compromising civil liberties that its legislative predecessors suffered from.  Read More


Old news but a reminder of what we should be doing here…
Monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning in France

Marion Douet
February 13, 2012

A French court on Monday declared U.S. biotech giant Monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning of a French farmer, a judgment that could lend weight to other health claims against pesticides.  Read More


Gun Control Legislation
Congressional Research Service
William J Krouse
November 14, 2012

Congress has debated the efficacy and constitutionality of federal regulation of firearms and ammunition, with strong advocates arguing for and against greater gun control. In the wake of the July 20, 2012, Aurora, CO, theater mass shooting, in which 12 people were shot to death and 58 wounded (7 of them critically) by a lone gunman, it is likely that there will be calls in the 112th  Congress to reconsider a 1994 ban on semiautomatic assault weapons and large capacity ammunition feeding devices that expired in September 2004.  Read Report


Health Insurance Brokers Prepare Clients For Obamacare Sticker Shock
Dr Scott Gottlieb, MD
January 22, 2013

A California insurance broker, who sells health plans to individuals and small businesses, told me that she’s prepping her clients for a sticker shock. Her local carriers are hinting to her that premiums may triple this fall, when the plans unveil how they’ll billet the full brunt of Obamacare’s new regulations and mandates.  Read More


Does China Plan To Establish “China Cities” And “Special Economic Zones” All Over America?
Blacklisted News
Michael Snyder
January 23, 2013

What in the world is China up to?  Over the past several years, the Chinese government and large Chinese corporations (which are often at least partially owned by the government) have been systematically buying up businesses, homes, farmland, real estate, infrastructure and natural resources all over America.  In some cases, China appears to be attempting to purchase entire communities in one fell swoop.  Read More


Senator Asks CIA Nominee When Drones Can Kill Americans
Spencer Ackerman
January 14, 2013

The man in charge of America’s drone wars will face Senate questioning about perhaps their most controversial aspect: when the president can target American citizens for death.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) sent a letter on Monday to John Brennan, the White House’s counterterrorism adviser and nominee to be head of the CIA, asking for an outline of the legal and practical rules that underpin the U.S. government’s targeted killing of American citizens suspected of working with al-Qaida. The Obama administration has repeatedly resisted disclosing any such information…Read More


I would add the Northwoods Document and the McCollum Memo to this list!
11 Secret Documents Americans Deserve to See
All Gov
December 10, 2012

Many documents produced by the U.S. government are confidential and not released to the public for legitimate reasons of national security.  Others, however, are kept secret for more questionable reasons.  The fact that presidents and other government officials have the power to deem materials classified provides them with an opportunity to use national security as an excuse to suppress documents and reports that would reveal embarrassing or illegal activities.  Read More


US Treasury announces sale of remaining AIG stock held by government
The Washington Post
Robert Miller
December 10, 2012

The U.S. government said Monday that it is selling its remaining shares of American International Group stock, moving to close the books on the government’s biggest bailout during the 2008 financial crisis.

Treasury said it had begun a sale of 234.2 million shares of common stock in a public offering. The government’s shares represent a 16-percent ownership stake in the insurance company.  Read More


Here's How the Obama Administration Is Considering Responding to Legal Pot in Colorado and Washington
Hit & Run Blog
Mike Riggs
December 6, 2012

The Obama administration is strategizing how to fight legal pot in Colorado and Washington, reports Charlie Savage of The New York Times. While "no decision" is "imminent," Savage reports that senior level White House and Justice Department officials are considering "legal action against Colorado and Washington that could undermine voter-approved initiatives."  Read More


Mr. NDAA AKA Allen West Fails in his Re-election Bid
Freedom Fighter Radio
Jim Stachowiak
November 7, 2012

Allen West is complicit in the most egregious evisceration of our Bill of Rights in our lifetime with his Aye vote on the NDAA, Mr West also helped to write the NDAA bill too.  Read More


A skeptic's case for Gary Johnson
Washington Times Communities
Thomas Mullen
September 26, 2012

You may be an independent that finds the major party candidates for president particularly weak this year. You may be an “Old Right” conservative that can’t bring yourself to vote for Mitt Romney. You may be a died-in-the-wool liberal who thinks Barack Obama’s presidency has been just a little too similar to Dubya’s.  Read More


In the Atlantic, no less...
Why I Refuse to Vote for Barack Obama

The Atlantic
Conor Friedersdorf
September 26, 2012

Tell certain liberals and progressives that you can't bring yourself to vote for a candidate who opposes gay rights, or who doesn't believe in Darwinian evolution, and they'll nod along. Say that you'd never vote for a politician caught using the 'n'-word, even if you agreed with him on more policy issues than his opponent, and the vast majority of left-leaning Americans would understand. But these same people cannot conceive of how anyone can discern Mitt Romney's flaws, which I've chronicled in the course of the campaign, and still not vote for Obama.  Read More


Drones Subject to GPS Spoofing, Privacy ‘Abuses,’ GAO Report Warns
David Kravets
September 25, 2012

The Government Accountability Office is warning Congress that its push for drones to become commonplace in U.S. airspace fails to take into account concerns surrounding privacy, security and even GPS jamming and spoofing.

The GAO, Congress’ research arm, was responding to the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, signed by President Barack Obama in February, which among other things requires the Federal Aviation Administration to accelerate drone flights in U.S. airspace.  Read More


Boob Over Bottle: Mike Bloomberg's Latest Nanny State Dictate
Kennedy and Anthony L. Fisher
September 24, 2012

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, a two-time Nanny of the Month and 2009's Nanny of the Year, is back to save us from ourselves yet again!  {VIDEO at link!}  Read More

DOJ-Funded Training Manual Lists Bumper Stickers as Terrorism
Paul Joseph Watson
September 20, 2012

A leaked training manual used in the State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training (SLATT) program for law enforcement and funded by the Department of Justice lists political bumper stickers expressing opposition to the United Nations and support for the bill of rights as indications of terrorist activity.  Read More


Mitt should probably quit talking now…
Mitt Romney: People earning $250,000 are 'middle income'
The Telegraph
Andrew Trotman
September 14, 2012

The Republican nominee was defending his policies on stimulating growth in the US, when he said he wouldn't raise taxes on "middle-income people"  Read More


After an embarrassing attempt to become the GOP Presidential nominee, Perry comes up with a good one…
Gov. Perry blasts new Fed stimulus plan; calls for Bernanke's resignation
Austin Your News Now
Sarah Grady
September 13. 2012

Governor Rick Perry is renewing his calls for Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to resign, in the wake of the Federal Reserve's new emergency stimulus program. Perry called the Fed's 'quantitative easing' plan to buy $40 billion dollars a month in assets "shocking, even by Washington standards."  Read More


Halleluiah!!!  People with some backbone and common sense!
Ron Paul Lives On! 3 Republicans in Electoral College May Vote for Ron Paul in Protest
Jake Horowitz
September 13, 2012

It's the moment Ron Paul fans have long been waiting for: Three Republican electors say they may not support Mitt Romney when the Electoral College meets in December to formally elect the next president, because they are all supporters of former GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul.  Read More


Damn Traitors!  Bunch of despotic legislators needs to go!!!
Drones Will Fill the Skies and Peer Through Our Roofs, Says Congressional Report
J D Tuccille
September 13, 2012

It's easy to get the impression that nobody in government gives a damn about our privacy. After all, our glorious elected representatives happily brush off any concerns we might raise about TSA agents pawing through our stuff and touching us in places that our mothers told us were supposed to remain unsullied by the hands of strangers. Those same tribunes of the people just signed off on a five-year renewal for the FISA Amendments Act, which lets the feds spy on us on a just-trust-us basis.  Read More


I smell a false flag…but maybe I am just one of those wacky, tin foil hat wearing “conspiracy theorists!”
Report:  Hillary Ignored Warnings
September 13, 2012
Ben Shapiro

Today, the Independent is reporting shocking details about the attack on the Libyan consulate that resulted in the death of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. The details are so explosive that they will result in a Congressional investigation. In fact, they’re so explosive that they should result in the resignation of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The only question now: What did Hillary Clinton know, and when did she know it?  Read More


Ag giants spend big to defeat labeling initiative
Sacramento Bee
Garance Burke
August 15, 2012

The nation's largest agribusiness and biotech companies are pouring millions of dollars into California to stop the first-ever initiative to require special labels on foods made with genetically modified ingredients, a sign of their determination to keep the measure from sparking a nationwide movement.  

Read More


Thanks, Jim of Freedom Fighter Radio for the heads up!
North Augusta gun shop owner kills suspected burglar, injures two others
The Augusta Chronicle
Bianca Cain Johnson
August 9, 2012

One man is dead and two are recovering after being shot by a gun store owner during a burglary of his business Thursday morning.

Stephen Bayazes Jr., 57, told officers that he and his wife were asleep in an apartment at the back of the business, Guns & Ammo Gunsmith, 522 Edgefield Road, shortly before 4 a.m. when he awoke after hearing a loud crash and the activation of a silent alarm.  Read More


Twin Cities bankers' breaches lead to prison
Star Tribune
Dan Browning
July 18, 2012

Two former bankers convicted of aggravated identity theft and helping an international crime organization based in the Twin Cities to bilk more than $50 million from U.S. banks apologized for their crimes Wednesday and pleaded with a judge to go easy on them.  Read More


Bernanke: Fed's efforts have helped the economy
Denver Post
Martin Crutsinger
July 18, 2012

Chairman Ben Bernanke told lawmakers Wednesday that the Federal Reserve's efforts to bolster growth have helped lift the U.S. economy out of the Great Recession. But he acknowledged that the economy remains weak and the Fed can only do so much.  Read More


Iowa Republican defends ending run for state Senate, joining shadow government
Fox News
Joseph Weber
July 16, 2012

An Iowa Republican has caused a stir after ending her run for state legislature, and then becoming a "senator" for a de facto shadow government known as the Republic for the United States of America. 

The former candidate, Randi Shannon, defended the bizarre decision in an interview with FoxNews.com on Monday, and did her best to explain her reasons for doing so.  Read More


Older, but well worth the read…The sad state in which the world population finds itself is deplorable…
The Sharp, Sudden Decline of America's Middle Class
Rolling Stones
Jeff Tietz
June 22, 2012

Every night around nine, Janis Adkins falls asleep in the back of her Toyota Sienna van in a church parking lot at the edge of Santa Barbara, California. On the van's roof is a black Yakima SpaceBooster, full of previous-life belongings like a snorkel and fins and camping gear. Adkins, who is 56 years old, parks the van at the lot's remotest corner, aligning its side with a row of dense, shading avocado trees. The trees provide privacy, but they are also useful because she can pick their fallen fruit, and she doesn't always­ have enough to eat. Despite a continuous, two-year job search, she remains without dependable work. She says she doesn't need to eat much – if she gets a decent hot meal in the morning, she can get by for the rest of the day on a piece of fruit or bulk-purchased almonds – but food stamps supply only a fraction of her nutritional needs, so foraging opportunities are welcome.  Read More


Ralph Lauren Olympics uniforms prompt election-year outrage from Congress
Washington Post
Ed O’Keefe
July 13, 2012

Several lawmakers, mostly Democrats, unloaded this week on the U.S. Olympic Committee after news reports that U.S. athletes in this year’s London Games will wear outfits designed by American Ralph Lauren but manufactured mostly in China.  Read More

And in more Olympic News…
he Khaki games? UK military bridges Olympics gap
Associated Press via Fox News
Danica Kirka and Cassandra Vinograd
July 13, 2012

London's Olympic organizers reeled Friday from the fallout of revelations that 3,500 British troops — some of them just back from tours in Afghanistan — would need to step in and help guard venues for the upcoming Olympics. That's because the security contractor, G4S, failed in its promise to deliver more than 10,000 security guards — and didn't let anyone know until the last moment.  Read more


Victory for economic liberty in Missouri!
Pacific Legal Foundation Liberty Blog
Timothy Sandefur
July 10, 2012

This afternoon, at the instigation of PLF’s lawsuit, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed legislation repealing that state’s oppressive licensing law for moving companies. Under the old law, a person applying for permission to operate a moving company was required to submit to a licensing scheme under which existing moving companies were given the privilege of basically vetoing the application.  Read More


If You're An American Taxpayer, These Are Your Most Recent Defense Purchases
Walter Hickey
Business Insider
July 9, 2012

Not even the Fourth of July could stop the Pentagon from an absolutely massive week of defense spending.

Stuck indoors due to the oppressive heatwave sweeping the nation, the Department of Defense spent more than $9.2 billion in a mere four days. That's up from $4 billion the week before.   Read More 


Monsanto Launches Massive Campaign to Stop GMO Labeling
Blacklisted News
Lisa Garber
July 8, 2012

We’ve gone on at great lengths discussing the dangers of genetic modification. Monsanto’s GMO corn has been linked to weight gain and organ function disruption, while GMO crops and pesticides destroy our farmland and environment. According to the Alliance of Natural Health, the grandchildren of rats fed GMO corn were born sterile. GMO is just one of those things to avoid, but with our own government in bed with Monsanto, it’s not easily done. Monsanto has recently launched a proverbial war against the open labeling of genetically modified foods, and only through activism and awareness can it be overcome.  Read More  


While I know most cops aren’t bad, these type people do not help the reputation of the police as a whole.  This guy should NO LONG “protect and serve”!!!
Rhode Island Cop Still Employed Despite Conviction of Kicking Woman to Head

Carlos Miller
July 8, 2012

A Rhode Island cop who was convicted of a felony after he was caught on video kicking a handcuffed woman to the head is still employed as a police officer.  Read More


Fast and Furious plan backfires
Boston Herald
Deroy Murdock
July 8, 2012

The American people finally have heard of Brian Terry. He is the best-known victim of Fast and Furious, an Obama administration conventional-weapons proliferation program. Between November 2009 and January 2011, Team Obama arranged for licensed firearms dealers to sell guns to straw buyers, who transferred them to known violent criminals in Mexico. Among these firearms, two AK-47s were found near Rio Rico, Arizona, where suspected smugglers fatally shot Terry, a 40-year-old former Marine, on December 15, 2010.  Read More

Breaking: new evidence shows Hillary a mastermind behind Gunwalker
The Examiner
Anthony Martin
October 10, 2011

Last week it was reported that the State Department and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were deeply involved in the scandal known as Operation Fast and Furious, or Project Gunwalker. Today, however, new evidence has surfaced indicating that not only was Hillary deeply involved in the scandal but was one of the masterminds behind it.  Read More


Isn’t this considered TREASON!!!
These Companies Got Rich Selling Illegal Weapons To US Adversaries

Business Insider
Robert Johnson and Walter Hickey
July 6, 2012

In the wake of the Pratt & Whitney settlement (the defense giant illegally sold a bunch of helicopter engines to the Chinese) we wondered who else had been busted for outlaw arms dealing that we hadn't heard about. 

We went through the State Department's list — which is long, diverse, and contains the names of both blue-chip companies and sketchy front corporations — to find some of the biggest illegal arms.  Read More


What the heck’s the matter with government officials???
City Officials in Ferguson Attempt to Bulldoze Citizens’ Rights, Gardens
Freedom Center of Missouri
Dave Rolland
July 3, 2012

Planting gardens is a practice as old as human civilization. During World War I and World War II it was even considered one’s patriotic duty to plant a “victory garden” in order to reduce food costs.

In light of this history, Karl Tricamo never imagined that it would be especially controversial when he decided to plant a garden in his yard in order to secure cheap, nutritious, organic vegetables for his family.  But just to be sure he looked up all of the relevant ordinances for Ferguson, Missouri, and in doing so he confirmed that he would not be violating any laws. Sure enough, nothing in the ordinances prohibit citizens from growing healthy, organic vegetables on one’s property as long as the vegetables are not being sold.  In fact, the zoning ordinances specifically allow residents to cultivate community gardens in residential areas!  Read More


So, you were wondering about global governments???  How's this for proof!
WTO rules against U.S. in meat labeling case
June 29, 2012

The United States lost the bulk of its appeal against a World Trade Organization ruling on meat labeling rules on Friday, meaning it may have to stop forcing retailers to display the country of origin on meat they are selling.  Read More


Agriculture secretary presses House on farm bill
Associated Press
Jim Abrams
June 29, 2012

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is pressing the Republican-led House to vote on a long-term farm policy bill.

He says in an Associated Press interview that failure to act on the measure could leave livestock producers exposed to disasters and other farmers uncertain about the future.  Read More

$9 Billion in ‘Stimulus’ for Solar, Wind Projects Made 910 Final Jobs -- $9.8 Million Per Job
CNS News
Michael W Chapman and Fred Lucas
June 20. 2012

The Obama administration distributed $9 billion in economic “stimulus” funds to solar and wind projects in 2009-11 that created, as the end result, 910 “direct” jobs -- annual operation and maintenance positions -- meaning that it cost about $9.8 million to establish each of those long-term jobs.

At the same time, those green energy projects also created, in the end, about 4,600 “indirect” jobs – positions indirectly supported by the annual operation and maintenance jobs -- which means they cost about $1.9 million each ($9 billion divided by 4,600).

Combined (910 + 4,600 = 5,510), the direct and indirect jobs cost, on average, about $1.63 million each to produce.  Read More


What the heck???
School District Has Tykes Pledging Allegiance to Teachers and Educrats

J D Tuccille
June 20, 2012

From the Department of "we are your masters and we deserve your respect" comes news that students at one New Jersey school have, for the past ten years, been reciting a pledge of allegiance a tad creepier than the traditional flag-worshipping one that so many of us suffered through as school-attending tykes. At Morganville, New Jersey's Asher Holmes Elementary School, in the Marlboro Township Public Schools, the wee ones have been promising their devotion to teachers and educrats. Really.  Read More


Obama asserts executive privilege on Fast and Furious documents
Tom Cohen
June 20, 2012

An extraordinary House committee hearing began considering a contempt measure against Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday even though President Barack Obama asserted executive privilege over documents sought by the panel investigating the botched Fast and Furious gun-running sting.

Committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa, R-California, said the White House assertion of executive privilege "falls short" of any reason to delay the hearing.  Read More 


Thanks to The Daily Howl
Police To Hold Gun Turn-In Event This Weekend
CBS Chicago
June 19, 2012

Using the lure of $100 gift cards, the Chicago Police Department is encouraging people to get guns out of their homes and turn them in this Saturday, during the annual gun turn-in program.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, the Police Department is partnering with 20 churches.  Read More

Alaska Peacemakers Militia leader Schaeffer Cox convicted for conspiracy to kill federal law enforcement officers and possession of illegal weapons
Freedom Fighter Radio
Jim Stachiowiak
June 19, 2012

Freedom Fighter Radio wants to remind people that the Alaska Militia Group is also supported by WRAM, ARM, USM, along with Militias in Michigan and Florida. All these groups have connections to nazi groups as well. In the last year we have seen national militia leaders arrest.  Read More

Yeah, right!  Can we PULEEEAASSSEEEE get rid of this agency??? 
NSA: Revealing how many Americans we’ve spied on would violate their privacy
The Raw Story
Stephen C Webster
June 19, 2012

In a letter recently sent to Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Mark Udall (D-CO), the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Inspector General explains that he cannot provide an estimate of how many Americans the agency has spied on, because doing so would “would itself violate the privacy of U.S. persons.”  Read More


Dimon faces tougher questions on $2B trading loss
Denver Post
Marcy Gordon
June 19, 2012

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon had a much tougher reception Tuesday when he returned to Capitol Hill for a second round of questions over the bank's $2 billion trading loss.

House lawmakers from both parties pressed Dimon on a number of fronts: Did JPMorgan manage risk properly? Why was the bank trading so much out of its London office? Has the bank become too large and complex to control?  Read More


Inspired by NYC Mayor Bloomberg, Massachusetts mayor proposes soda ban
The Examiner
Samantha Chang
June 19, 2012

Henrietta Davis, the mayor of Cambridge, Mass., has proposed banning the sale of super-sized sugary drinks in the city's restaurants. Davis cited the spike in obesity and diabetes for the initiative.

"With a public health issue, you look at those things that are dangerous for people, that need government regulation," Davis explained in a statement June 19, 2012.  Read More


Yeah, cause that’s not an act of aggression at all!!!
U.S., Israel developed Flame computer virus to slow Iranian nuclear efforts, officials say

The Washington Post
Ellen Nakashima, Greg Miller and Julie Tate
June 19, 2012

The United States and Israel jointly developed a sophisticated computer virus nicknamed Flame that collected critical intelligence in preparation for cyber-sabotage attacks aimed at slowing Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon, according to Western officials with knowledge of the effort.

The massive piece of malware was designed to secretly map Iran’s computer networks and monitor the computers of Iranian officials, sending back a steady stream of intelligence used to enable an ongoing cyberwarfare campaign, according to the officials.  Read More


GOP nomination could hinge on court ruling
Jeffrey Phelps
June 16, 2012

A week of chaos in the Republican party culminated Friday as updated reports that hundreds of elected delegates are already on board with a class-action, civil rights lawsuit, filed against the RNC and various state GOP parties, with many more delegates sure to follow.

Challenging the GOP and the 'mainstream' media's current stance that certain delegates are “bound” to vote for Romney, since he won in certain states, those delegates are asking the courts to revisit a 2007 ruling by the RNC itself that concluded there are no such thing as bound delegates.  Read More


Obama Surrounds Himself With The Most Extreme Appointees In American History
The Western Center for Journalism
Steve Baldwin

Much has been written about Obama’s controversial appointments, not only to the federal bench, but to key cabinet positions, as well as to the unaccountable (and probably unconstitutional) “Czar” positions. Much of the criticism has dwelled on the Obama administration’s lack of vetting when filling these rolls—but that’s not the issue.

To the contrary, the Obama team did investigate thoroughly and they choose precisely.  Read More


GOP delegates sue to be free from Romney
World Net Daily
Drew Zahn
June 15, 2012

Over 120 delegates to the Republican National Convention have joined a lawsuit against the GOP arguing they have been illegally coerced into choosing Mitt Romney for the party’s presidential nominee and demanding they be “unbound” to vote for another candidate instead.  Read More


"Cold War II" Has Begun … In Syria
Global Research
June 13, 2012

We noted in February:

The U.S. is supporting the Syrian opposition, considering military options for ousting the Syrian government, American allies Britain and Qatar allegedly already have foreign troops inside Syria, and the U.S. has been planning regime change in Syria for over 50 years.

Indeed, the United States is fighting on the same side as 3 terrorist groups in Syria.  Read More


U.S. Army Chief Of Staff And CFR Member Calls For Martial Law
Alt Market
Joe Wolverton
June 11, 2012

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) proposes that the U.S. Army be used to plan, command, and carry out (with the help of civilian law enforcement) domestic police missions. So says a story appearing in the May/June issue of the influential organization’s official journal, Foreign Affairs. The article lacks a single reference to the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits such actions.  Read More


2 US attorneys to lead criminal probes of leaks
Associated Press
Pete Yost
June 8, 2012

Two U.S. attorneys will lead a pair of criminal investigations already under way into possible unauthorized disclosures of classified information within the executive and legislative branches of government, Attorney General Eric Holder said Friday.  Read More


Ex-Aide to Senator Pleads Guilty in Scheme That Snared Only Him
New York Times
Eric Lichtblau
June 7, 2012

Douglas Hampton came to the Capitol from Nevada six years ago on the coattails of his best friend, Senator John Ensign, to serve as Mr. Ensign’s senior political aide.

On Thursday, a somber Mr. Hampton returned to Washington and pleaded guilty to a charge of illegal lobbying in a scandal that left him in bankruptcy, ended his marriage and forced Mr. Ensign to resign his Senate seat last year under threat of expulsion by fellow senators.  Read More


Somehow not very surprising
Lobbyist tied to Sen. Harry Reid pleads not guilty
Associated Press
Sandra Chereb
June 7, 2012

A former developer and lobbyist with ties to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Nevada's political elite pleaded not guilty Thursday to federal charges involving campaign contributions.

Harvey Whittemore, leg chains largely concealed by his blue suit, spoke in a steady voice when questioned by U.S. Magistrate Judge William Cobb. Asked for his plea to the federal indictment, Whittemore said, "Not guilty to all four counts, your honor."  Read More


Yeah, because the Public/Private Partnership. US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team is SO ready to halt “cyber terrorism.” 
Nations must talk to halt "cyber terrorism": Kaspersky
Tova Dohen and Maayen Lubell
June 6, 2012

Eugene Kaspersky, whose lab discovered the Flame virus that has attacked computers in Iran and elsewhere in the Middle East, said on Wednesday only a global effort could stop a new era of "cyber terrorism".

"It's not cyber war, it's cyber terrorism and I'm afraid it's just the beginning of the game ... I'm afraid it will be the end of the world as we know it," Kaspersky told reporters at a cyber security conference in Tel Aviv.  Read More


JPMorgan’s in trouble and gas prices are coming down…what do you know about that???
JPMorgan fined for "wash trades" in oil, gasoline
June 1, 2012

JPMorgan executed 'wash trades' on 10 separate occasions in U.S. crude oil and gasoline futures in the first half of last year in an effort to manage position limits, CME Group said in a disciplinary notice on Friday.  Read More


Stocks fall sharply after weak jobs report
Associated Press
Daniel Wagner
June 1, 2012

Stocks fell sharply Friday after the release of a dismal report on job creation in the United States. The Dow Jones industrial average dropped more than 200 points, erasing what was left of its gain for the year.  Read More

US Jobs Report May 2012 (Actually called The Employment Situation)
Bureau of Labor Statistics
June 1, 2012

Read Here


House passes veterans funding bill
Associated Press
Andrew Taylor
May 31, 2012

The Republican-controlled House approved legislation Thursday to boost health care spending for veterans and provide more money to compensate record numbers of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans claiming service-related disabilities as they return home.

The 407-12 vote reflected the traditional bipartisan support for veterans in Congress and efforts by Republicans to exempt veterans' programs from cuts felt by other domestic programs.

Roughly half of the $148 billion measure is for veterans' pensions and disability payments over which lawmakers have little practical control. That includes a 20 percent, $10.5 billion increase for such payments.  Read More


Not sure what they are talking about yet…It aint over!!!
Barack Obama Congratulates Mitt Romney In Personal Phone Call
Huffington Post
Elise Foley
May 30, 2012

The race is officially on.

President Barack Obama called Mitt Romney on Wednesday to congratulate him on clinching the Republican nomination, after the former Massachusetts governor received more than 100 delegates in the Texas primary the previous evening.  Read More


See?  Joblessness is not just happening here…
French jobless claims highest since Sept 1999
May 30, 2012

The number of jobless people in France rose for a twelfth month running in April to stand at its highest since September 1999, highlighting the challenge facing new Socialist president Francois Hollande.  Read More


What took you so long, Pete???
Pete Hoekstra, Senate Candidate, Proposes Office To Verify Presidential Candidates' Eligibility

Huffington Post
Luke Johnson
May 30, 2012

A prominent Republican running for the U.S. Senate in Michigan has emerged as yet another proponent of the "birther" movement, according to a YouTube video that surfaced on Tuesday. While speaking to a Michigan Tea Party group in early May, former U.S. Rep. Pete Hoesktra proposed a brand-new office to verify the eligibility of presidential candidates and criticized 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain over his dismissal of the "birther" issue.  Read More


You’re running out of reasons to continue sending your children to public school!!!
Outraged folks around world letting Diane Tran know she’s not alone
David McElroy
May 30, 2012

In most cases, there’s very little we can do to change the bad things we see in the news. But people all over this country and in other countries who were angered at how Texas teen Diane Tran was being treated are reaching out to help her.

Diane is the 11th grader who was sent to jail for 24 hours and fined $100 for missing more than 10 days of school in a six-month period. Judge Lanny Moriarty said at the time that his rough treatment of the 17-year-old was to send a message to others.  Read More


It happens overseas, too…Bank Exec fails, gets big bonus as bank has to be bailed out!
Former Bankia executive gets €14m payoff
The Guardian
Giles Tremlett
May 29, 2012

A former senior executive at bailed-out Spanish bank Bankia is to receive a €14m (Ł11.2m) payoff in a move that will cause controversy beyond the country's borders if Europe is asked to help rescue Spain's banks.

As the government seeks to raise the €19bn needed by Bankia, the news that Aurelio Izquierdo would walk away with such a large payoff raised questions about what Spain's troubled banks have been doing with their money.  Read More


Ron Paul Shamelessly Ripped in LA Times as Stupid
Run Ron Paul
Allan Stevo
May 29, 2012

While the Los Angeles Times has neglected to cover the huge outpouring of support Californians have shown for Texas Congressman Ron Paul across the state, it has found it necessary to denigrate Ron Paul in a recent childish article. In places ranging from Chico, to UCLA, to Berkley, Paul has drawn crowds ranging from a few thousand to an estimated 10,000 Californians coming out to hear Ron Paul speak. The Los Angeles Times has been virtually silent on this topic, yet when Lisa Mascaro and her editors came across a study on speaking styles in Congress, they decided it appropriate to use that information to smear Congressman Paul.  Read More

What the heck???  WE can’t just leave everyone alone!?!?!?!
Panetta: Asia is the 'project' for new Navy grads
Associated Press
Brian Witte Pauline Jelinek
May 29, 2012

The Pentagon chief says building U.S. maritime strength across the Asia-Pacific will be the main project for the new generation of America's naval officers.

Speaking to this year's graduates at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Tuesday that America is returning to its maritime roots.  Read More


Of course he would defend spending and debt!!!
Obama on the defensive on spending, debt

Associated Press
Ken Thomas and Jim Kuhnhenn
May 26, 2012

Government spending and debt are emerging as a campaign tug-of-war.  Read More


How does he KNOW there are to be new threats???
Biden tells West Point cadets: prepare for new threats
Laura MacInnis
May 26, 2012

Most of the cadets who graduated on Saturday from West Point were in elementary school when hijacked planes hit the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001, and enrolled in the U.S. military academy with wars raging in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Vice President Joe Biden lauded the brave choices of the Class of 2012 - and their so-called "9/11 generation" - with a commencement address focused on the United States' new foreign policy challenges including cyber threats and a rising China. Read More

How can you make someone watch commercials if they don't want to???  So, are they going to go back and sue VCR makers???  You KNOW those people didn't watch commercials!
TV Networks Say You're Breaking The Law When You Skip Commercials
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Mitch Stoltz
May 25. 2012

Television networks are having a busy month trying to stamp out new TV-watching technology, including telling a court that skipping a commercial while watching a recorded show is illegal. Yesterday, Fox, NBC, and CBS all sued Dish Network over its digital video recorder with automatic commercial-skipping. The same networks, plus ABC, Univision, and PBS, are gearing up for a May 30 hearing in their cases against Aereo, a New York startup bringing local broadcast TV to the Internet.  EFF and Public Knowledge filed an amicus brief supporting Aereo this week. Read More

Scum Mayor and City Council...they couldn't care less about the people already living here!
MAYOR MCDAVID RANT: City should NOT help locals grow jobs, start businesses here
Columbia Heartbeat
May 25, 2012

Columbia Mayor
Bob McDavid has no interest helping Columbia residents start businesses or hire new employees, preferring instead to direct job growth initiatives at out-of-area firms willing to hire people with criminal records and GEDs he said represent the "underbelly" of society. Read More


Faber: '100% Chance' of Global Recession
May 24, 2012

Investors need to prepare for a global recession.

That’s the takeaway from one well-respected economist after his recent appearance on CNBC’s Fast Money Halftime Report.

According to Marc Faber, the author of the Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report, a global recession is all but a certainty later this year or in early 2013. 
Read More


The banking industry is flawed with its fractional reserve policy and mortgage lending practices...Can we just do away with it???
If We Can't Understand Them, We Should Just Break Them Up
Huffington Post
Rep Brad Miller
May 24, 2012

I've skimmed some informed discussions at economics blogs about how JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) lost $2 billion and counting on their "synthetic credit portfolio." But educated guesses are still guesses, the next big problem in the financial system will be entirely different, and to be honest, it all gives me a headache.  Read More

News Corp. lobbyist testifies on UK govt contacts
Associated Press
Robert Barr
May 24, 2012

A lobbyist for Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. testified Thursday that he thought a U.K. government minister knew that one of his aides was providing Murdoch's company with information on its bid to take over the British Sky Broadcasting satellite network.  Read More


Under Asset Forfeiture Law, Wisconsin Cops Confiscate Families' Bail Money
Huffington Post
Radley Balko
May 21, 2012

When the Brown County, Wis., Drug Task Force arrested her son Joel last February, Beverly Greer started piecing together his bail.

She used part of her disability payment and her tax return. Joel Greer's wife also chipped in, as did his brother and two sisters. On Feb. 29, a judge set Greer's bail at $7,500, and his mother called the Brown County jail to see where and how she could get him out. "The police specifically told us to bring cash," Greer says. "Not a cashier's check or a credit card. They said cash."  Read More

Will Ron Paul Force Mitt Romney Into a Debate?
Policy Mic
Alan Stevo
May 22, 2012

After Ron Paul spoke in Sparks, Nevada, earlier this month, observers took note of Mitt Romney supporters crumpling up their Romney signs and vowing to vote for Paul. It was the first time many Republican activists had ever heard Paul speak outside of the several minutes of sound bites allotted to him during televised debates.  Read More


For Native American Women, Scourge of Rape, Rare Justice
New York Times
Timothy Williams
May 22, 2012

She was 19, a young Alaska Native woman in this icebound fishing village of 800 in the Yukon River delta, when an intruder broke into her home and raped her. The man left. Shaking, the woman called the tribal police, a force of three. It was late at night. No one answered. She left a message on the department’s voice mail system. Her call was never returned. She was left to recover on her own.  Read More


FCC chief backs usage-based Internet pricing
Yinka Adegoke
May 22, 2012

The head of the Federal Communications Commission said he supports cable companies' charging for Internet based on how much a subscriber uses the service, and also welcomed a cable industry initiative to share Wi-Fi hotspots around the country.  Read More


Did they ever truly stop?
New Bill Would Make It Legal To Target Propaganda And “Psychological Operations” Directly At U.S. Citizens

Michael Snyder
May 22, 2012

Should it be legal for the U.S. government to spend billions of dollars on propaganda designed to change public opinion in the United States?  Should it be legal for the U.S. government to use television, radio, newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and Internet forums to conduct “psychological operations” targeted at the American public?  Read More


War Pay: The Nearly $1 Trillion National Security Budget
Huffington Post
Christopher Hellman and Mattea Kramer
May 22, 2012

Recent months have seen a flurry of headlines about cuts (often called “threats”) to the U.S. defense budget. Last week, lawmakers in the House of Representatives even passed a bill that was meant to spare national security spending from future cuts by reducing school-lunch funding and other social programs.  Read More


Revived focus on regulation after JPMorgan loss
Associated Press
Marcie Gordon
May 22, 2012

Federal regulators and lawmakers are renewing the focus on financial regulation in the wake of a multibillion-dollar trading loss at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

News of the surprise loss at JPMorgan, the biggest U.S. bank by assets, has revived calls by Obama administration officials and Democratic lawmakers for tougher oversight of Wall Street banks. But Republicans insist that the 2010 financial overhaul law won't prevent another crisis and will drive business overseas. Regulators are still drafting rules for much of the law, and they have been lobbied by big banks to water down key areas.  Read More


Gupta Trial: Goldman Sachs Plays Big Role As Insider Trading Trial Begins
Huffington Post
David Levine
May 21, 2012

Goldman Sachs haunts the insider trading case against one of the Wall Street bank's former directors, Rajat K. Gupta. As Gupta's federal fraud trial opened to a packed New York courtroom Monday, his defense attorneys invoked Goldman almost immediately, arguing that others at that firm were responsible for feeding former hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam secrets that he illegally used for trading.  Read More


Oh, wait...You thought there was a GOOD reason for paying soooo much at the pump!
JP Morgan Drops Oil Prices

Saws Saws
Steven Saw
May 21, 2012

How can this be?

I've been saying it all along! As JP Morgan goes down, so may the price of oil now that one of the largest traders in the petroleum derivatives markets is exposed due to other high risk trading problems. Like so many of the banks that have lost big putting all their eggs in one huge mortgage market, the big investment firms had no where else to make money.  Read More

A bit older, but VERY important...And some think we’re conspiracy theorists!
“Your” Car Won’t Be Beginning in 2015
Eric Peter Sautos.com
Eric Peter Sautos
April 19, 2012

After a certain point, it’s not paranoia.

The latest brick in the wall is the predictably named “Moving Ahead For Progress in the 21st Century Act,” also known as Senate Bill 1813. (…the relevant section is 31406.) This legislation – already passed by the Senate and likely to be passed by the House – will impose a legal requirement that all new cars made beginning with the 2015 models be fitted with so-called Event Data Recorders (EDRs). 
Read More

Oh…The Mainstream Media…What ARE we going to do with you!
What's Ron Paul up to?

CBS News
Leigh Ann Caldwell
May 3, 2012

Mitt Romney is largely accepted as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, but he's not the only candidate left in the race. Texas Rep. Ron Paul continues his quest for delegates.

The three-time presidential candidate is committed to staying in the race until the Republican Party's convention in Tampa at the end of August.

Paul is spending his time in two states with upcoming primaries. On Sunday, Paul will hold a Tea Party rally in Austin, Texas, which holds its primary on May 29. Before then, he is spending the week holding a series of rallies at or near college campuses in California, which holds its primary on June 5. He's also hosting multiple fundraisers.  Read More


And what's this about!?!  I think we may know!
Police Drugging Occupy Protesters

May 2, 2012

Video documentation by local activists and independent media shows that police officers and county deputies from across Minnesota have been picking up young people near Peavey Plaza for a training program to recognize drug-impaired drivers. Multiple participants say officers gave them illicit drugs and provided other incentives to take the drugs. 
Read More


Whoops!  That's gotta hurt!
Romney loses to Paul in his own state

Jeffrey Phelps
May 2, 2012

What may be the most embarrassing moment yet for Mitt Romney, during the race for the 2012 Republican Nomination, happened over the weekend in the very state in which he is the former Governor and calls home.

Ron Paul won.  Read More


Not sure what to say…
NBC: Obama IRS refunds 'Illegals' $4.2 billion for kids--in Mexico
Jeffrey Klein
May 2, 2012

This bombshell dropped on Monday in Washington, D.C., causing outrage throughout the halls of Congress, and now beyond, to the "genuine" taxpayers who have been robbed all across America.

Investigative television reporter Bob Segall of Indianapolis NBC affiliate WTHR TV Channel 13, was contacted by a long-time central Indiana tax preparer, who blew the whistle on a multi-billion dollar tax fraud about which the IRS has done nothing, according to the TV news show video segment that aired on Monday.  Read More


It makes me feel so much better that our President is funny, AND hobnobbing with “A Listers”…WHO CARES!  What about constitutional policies, Mr. President???
White House correspondents’ dinner: Where Hollywood, Capitol Hill shine
Washington Post
Dan Zak
April 28, 2012

Hollywood and Washington went on a romantic date Saturday night in the basement ballroom of the Washington Hilton, where more than 2,000 politicians, celebrities, journalists and hangers-on dined on crabmeat terrine and chocolate truffles and belly-laughed at remarks delivered by President Obama and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel during the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.  Read More


The Police State is here!!!
Chicago transportation officials brace for NATO summit

Chicago Tribune
Jon Hilkevitch
April 25, 2012

O'Hare International Airport stands ready to shut down a runway and use it as a VIP ("Very Important Planes") parking lot.

The CTA started running tabletop planning exercises Friday to keep transit officials nimble regarding any last-minute adjustments to bus and train service, routes and schedules that could come up.

In Chicago and the suburbs, gates at highway entrance ramps are being checked to make sure they are in working order to close and reopen access to the roads — a procedure originally designed for use in an all-out emergency like a bioterrorism attack.  Read More


House Passes Controversial Cybersecurity Measure CISPA
David Kravets
April 26, 2012

The House on Thursday approved cybersecurity legislation that privacy groups have decried as a threat to civil liberties.

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, sponsored by Reps. Mike Rogers (R-Michigan) and Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Maryland), passed on a vote of 248 to 168.  Read More


Rural kids, parents angry about Labor Dept. rule banning farm chores
The Daily Caller via Yahoo News
Patrick Richardson
April 24, 2012

A proposal from the Obama administration to prevent children from doing farm chores has drawn plenty of criticism from rural-district member of Congress. But now it’s attracting barbs from farm kids themselves.

The Department of Labor is poised to put the finishing touches on a rule that would apply child-labor laws to children working on family farms, prohibiting them from performing a list of jobs on their own families’ land.

Under the rules, children under 18 could no longer work “in the storing, marketing and transporting of farm product raw materials.”  Read More


Romney Nomination in doubt – Brokered Convention likely
Whiteout Press
April 24, 2012

Two networks yesterday, CNBC and MSNBC, broadcast a little known fact – Ron Paul appears to be winning the Republican nomination for President. When the popular Texas Congressman repeatedly assured supporters that the race was about delegates, not beauty contests, he apparently knew what he was talking about. Now, after three more states locked in delegates to the GOP nominating convention – CO, MN and IA – indicators point to a brokered convention with a possible, even probable, Ron Paul victory.  Read More


Another way to kill US farmers: Seize their bank accounts on phony charges
Food Freedom News
Rady Ananda
April 23, 2012

Monsanto’s Food and Drug Administration can’t close down small dairies and private food clubs fast enough, bursting on the scene with guns drawn as if the criminalized right to contract for natural foods we’ve consumed for millennia deserves SWAT attention.

Now, Obama has the Dept. of Justice going after small farmers under the post-911 “Bank Secrecy Act” which makes it a crime to deposit less than $10,000 when you earned more than that.  Read More


Dr. Martin Luther King assassinated by US government: King Family civil trial verdict
Daily Censored
Carl Herman
April 4, 2012

*Part 6 in a series
Anyone who wants the most important history of the Vietnam war, and American history, must be briefed of this stunning and game-changing “current event”:

Dr. Martin Luther King’s family and his personal friend and attorney, William F. Pepper, won a civil trial that found US government agencies guilty in the wrongful death of Martin Luther King. The 1999 trial, King Family versus Jowers and Other Unknown Co-Conspirators, [70] is the only trial ever conducted on the assassination of Dr. King.  Read More


No words...Robin Koerner, you ROCK!  (This is older, but well worth a revisit!)
Ron Paul, Conservative Champion of Liberalism

The Huffington Post
Robin Koerner
May 16, 2011

Some of the greatest champions of liberal politics have been conservatives. In 1940, Churchill, a conservative, led Britain alone against the Nazis and did more to protect liberal values than anyone else in the last century.

But the best example is America's own founding. When it was written, the Constitution was a liberal document, protecting the rights of common men and women against British tyranny. Yet, the founders didn't believe they were progressives. They believed they were conservatives -- conserving what they understood to be their true birthright of liberty in the Anglo tradition. They were conservative liberals.

Historically, conservatives who protect liberal values have risen at times of crisis. Today, history is rhyming with itself. America is in a crisis and the conservative who can keep America safe for liberal values happens to be called Ron Paul.  Read More


What starts there always finds its way here!
83-Year-Old Woman Denied Health Care Over “Carbon Footprint”

Paul Joseph Watson
April 5, 2012

If you want to get a glimpse of what life will be like under Obamacare, just look to the UK, where government-run health care continues to produce ludicrous stories like this – a pensioner who had visited the same doctor’s practice for 30 years was told to find a new GP because of concerns over the “carbon footprint” of her 2 mile round trip.  Read More


When it’s not YOUR money, you tend to take unnecessary risks.
Former FBI Agent: Energy Department Knew Solyndra Was Risky

Michael Bastash
April 4, 2012

The Department of Energy knew the risks of giving a loan guarantee to failed green energy company Solyndra, according to a former FBI agent hired to examine the company’s books.

Solyndra’s board hired R. Todd Neilson as chief restructuring officer and asked him to manage the company’s bankruptcy and look into whether or not the company committed any misdeeds on its way to bankruptcy.  Read More


Really...Ya think???
CIA Committed ‘War Crimes,’ Bush Official Says

Spencer Ackerman
April 4, 2012

A top adviser to former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warned the Bush administration that its use of “cruel, inhuman or degrading” interrogation techniques like waterboarding were “a felony war crime.”

What’s more, newly obtained documents reveal that State Department counselor Philip Zelikow told the Bush team in 2006 that using the controversial interrogation techniques were “prohibited” under U.S. law — “even if there is a compelling state interest asserted to justify them.”  Read More


Well, well…What do you know!
Top JPMorgan banker quits after market abuse fine
Sudip Kar-Gupta and Clara Ferreira-Marques
April 3, 2012

One of London's most prominent bankers was fined 450,000 pounds ($720,000) for passing on inside information in a case that will embarrass his employer J.P. Morgan Cazenove and which marks a push by British regulators to target high-profile figures.  Read More


Zogby Polls...FUN!  Visit here!  Be sure to refresh to explore the latest polls!

2012 Presidential Candidate Positions on 40 Issues

Very interesting chart comparing the, head to head, the candidates for President and their political stance with regard to the issues.  Take a look here (Be sure to refresh often because they do follow the changes in position throughout the race!)


Ron Paul winning delegates
Denver Libertarian Examiner
Jeffrey Phelps
April 2, 2012

As the 2012 Race for the Republican Nomination turns toward this week’s primaries in D.C., Maryland and Wisconsin all eyes are on so-called “front-runners” like Romney who the media says is running away with the Delegates and is the “most likely” nominee.

If you turn on the television today you have a very good chance of seeing the media’s general estimated delegate count for the four remaining “Republicans” that are vying for the 2012 nod.  Read More

Over a traffic citation?  Really!?!  What happened to common sense!

High court rules strip search reasonable after traffic stop
Bill Mears
April 2, 2012

A New Jersey man who was strip searched in prison after being accused of failing to pay a traffic fine lost his Supreme Court appeal Monday.

The 5-4 divided court found two county jails "struck a reasonable balance between inmate privacy and the needs of the (correctional) institution."  Read More


Totalitarianism American-Style
Personal Liberty Digest
Bob Livingston
April 2, 2012

Television pundits, political hacks, progressives in higher education, brainwashed educators and the elite rulers in the halls of the Washington, D.C., cesspool love to call America a democracy. Most of the people believe it. After all, it is what is they were taught in school. But it is not so. America is a totalitarian society. 
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I guess we're about to see how constitutional our Supreme Court Judges really are!
Bad omen for healthcare law: Many comments from the justices

LA Times
David Lauter
March 30, 2012

How well can Supreme Court votes be predicted by what justices say in oral arguments? The statistics hold up pretty well, and offer gloomy tidings for the Obama administration and its healthcare law.

Reporters and analysts who cover the court approach predicting the justices in various ways -– some more confident in their judgment than others. But, as with so many things in life, researchers actually have studied the question. Their finding backs up a long-standing intuition of lawyers and experienced journalists alike: If a justice keeps interrupting you with questions, your side is in trouble.  Read More

As Supreme Court ponders health-care law, it may also be pondering its credibility
St Louis Beacon
William Freivogel
March 30, 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court meets Friday to take its first vote on whether to strike down one of the most important pieces of social and economic legislation passed by Congress in the past half century — the Affordable Care Act. If there are enough votes in the court's closed-door conference to reject all or part of the law, all of the votes will likely have come from the five Republican appointees acting over the objections of their Democratically appointed colleagues who seemed in questioning to support the law's constitutionality.  Read More

Why, this isn’t possible!  There’s no such thing as the NAU!  The government told me so!!!  You’re all just conspiracy wack jobs!  (In my most sarcastic tone EVER!)    
U.S. Defense Department Announces Step Toward the North American Union

The New American
Bob Adelman
March 29, 2012

Another step toward the North American Union (NAU) was announced on Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Defense in its press release noting the “inaugural trilateral meeting” of North American defense ministers in Ottawa, Canada. It was attended by Canada’s Minister of National Defense Peter MacKay, Mexican Secretary of National Defense General Guillermo Galvan, and Mexican Secretary of the Navy Admiral Mariano Mendoza, along with U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.  Read More


Ron Paul Upsets Santorum In Missouri Caucuses Buoyed By Huge Youth Turnout
Policy Mic
Hamden Ashar
March 25, 2012

The final outcome of Missouri’s lengthy caucus process may not be known for months. Early results, however, indicate that Ron Paul may well walk away from the state with the most delegates. Yesterday, his supporters overwhelmed the largest pooled caucus – Jackson county, responsible for sending 179 delegates to the state and congressional district conventions – winning over two-thirds of the available delegate slots. Mr. Paul also swept St. Louis, winning all of the city’s 36 delegates. 
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WA GOP on hidden camera excluding Ron Paul Delegates
Denver Conspiracy Examiner
Jeffrey Phelps
March 25, 2012

Election fraud has occurred in every state in the union, but what may be the worst case yet happened on Saturday in Washington State as GOP party ‘officials’ openly attempted to exclude Ron Paul delegates from participating in the 2nd District’s Convention.

With hidden camera in hand, a Washington State resident secretly recorded Alex Hayes, Director of “Mainstream Republicans of Washington State” trying to exclude Ron Paul Delegates from participating in the election by showing a “slate” of delegates to choose from that only included supporters of the other three candidates.  Read More

The Ronulans are among us: How Ron Paul’s delegate strategy is actually working

Doug Weed The Blog
Doug Weed
March 28, 2012

On they come, marginalized by the media and ridiculed by the Republican establishment.  Their votes are often rejected at precinct caucuses, their voices ignored by temporary chairmen who flout their own rules and pretend that they have the votes for their prearranged delegate slates.

On one occasion a crowd of onlookers shouts objections at this fraud, only to be subjected to prearranged organized arrests for “disturbing the peace.”  Some participants openly weep, in shame for the obscenity of such blatant corruption.  Others become angry.  In Missouri, a weary delegate is seen vomiting by the side of a building, sick over what she has just experienced.  Read More


How does this benefit ANYONE!   
New counterterrorism guidelines permit data on U.S. citizens to be held longer

The Washington Post
Sari Horwitz and Ellen Nakashima
March 22, 2012

The Justice Department has approved guidelines that allow the intelligence community to lengthen the period of time it retains information about U.S. residents, even if they have no known connection to terrorism.  (Emphasis added)

Senior U.S. officials familiar with the guidelines said the changes allow the National Counterterrorism Center, the intelligence community’s clearinghouse for counterterrorism data, to keep such information for up to five years.  Read More


Because THIS seems normal in a classroom!!!
Va. middle-schoolers assigned opposition research on GOP candidates

The Daily Caller
Kalyn McMackin
March 22, 2012

A Virginia middle school teacher recently forced his students to support President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign by conducting opposition research in class against the Republican presidential candidates.

The 8th grade students, who attend Liberty Middle School in Fairfax County, were required to seek out the vulnerabilities of Republican presidential hopefuls and forward them to the Obama campaign.  Read More


Wait!  Could it be that those "conspiracy theorists" ahve been right all along!?!
Martial Law by Executive Order

Huffington Post
Jim Garrison
March 21, 2012

President Obama's National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order of March 16 does to the country as a whole what the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act did to the Constitution in particular -- completely eviscerates any due process or judicial oversight for any action by the Government deemed in the interest of "national security." Like the NDAA, the new Executive Order puts the government completely above the law, which, in a democracy, is never supposed to happen. The United States is essentially now under martial law without the exigencies of a national emergency. 
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Why get involved in politics when nothing ever seems to change?

Charleston City Paper
Jack Hunter
March 21, 2012

My sanest friends are usually those who spend their time far away from the world of politics. Their main concerns are their wives or husbands, girlfriends or boyfriends, kids, family, and everything but the ongoing mischief in Washington. I think this is quite normal. Some talk radio hosts and conservative pundits constantly criticize Americans who aren't politically engaged. Not me. In fact, I often feel like joining them. 
Read More


And THIS is how it’s done!!!  Congratulations, Central Missourians For Ron Paul!  You did well!
Boone County Caucus sends on slate of Paul supporters
Columbia Missourian
Hannah Cushman & Jaime Williams
March 17, 2012

In the first step of a three-level caucus process, Boone County Republicans voted to send a delegation comprised mainly of Ron Paul supporters to the 4th Congressional District Convention in Sedalia on April 21.

A total of 468 people registered as delegates or voters in Saturday’s proceedings, which took place at Kemper Arena in Columbia.  Read More  (Please read the comments to get the full story!)

Voters Complain about Confusion at Boone County Caucus
KOMU 8, Columbia, MO
Jessica Smith
March 17, 2012

Republicans piled into the Kemper Arena to join in the Missouri caucuses Saturday. Voters started lining up before 9:00 a.m., and several voters got turned away if they arrived after 10:00 a.m. Some voters complained that the cut off time was not publicized.

"There's a lot of people who are upset because we came here to participate in a process to help select the Republican presidential nominee for our county, and we're not going to get to participate," said Boone County voter, John Baker.  Read More  (Again, please read the comments to get the whole story!)


Gas price is $4 or more for almost one-third of drivers
USA Today
Gary Strauss
March 16, 2012

Nearly one-third of the nation's drivers now fork out $4 or more for a gallon of gasoline.

Drivers fill their tanks Tuesday in Monterey Park, Calif. There is more pain at the pump in California and other heavily populated states.


Ohio Tea Party group claims its scrutiny by IRS is more intensive than necessary 
The Plain Dealer, Cleveland
Stephen Koff
March 15, 2012

An Ohio Tea Party group has landed in the middle of a political squabble over IRS rules, with claims of McCarthyism and Big Brother being lobbed because of the government's demand for detailed answers before it will grant the group nonprofit status.

A dozen Republican senators, including Ohio's Rob Portman, joined in on Wednesday, demanding that the IRS explain itself. Read More


Feds unveil reform-minded immigration facility in Texas
Dallas News
Will Weissert
March 13, 2012

With free Internet access, cheap overseas phone calls, private bathrooms and no lights-out policy, the new immigration detention center in this isolated corner of South Texas would hardly seem like a prison if not for the electronically locking doors and reinforced-glass windows.

Following civil-liberties lawsuits filed on behalf of families at a crowded central Texas facility where children were held behind razor barbed-wire, the Obama administration promised three years ago to rethink the nation's much-maligned system for jailing immigration offenders.  Read More


Why didn’t we hear about the win???
Ron Paul wins first caucus, but not the delegates

Independent Examiner
Mark Wachtler
March 12, 2012

It’s official. The Republican Party of the Virgin Islands announced the final results of their Saturday Presidential caucus and Texas Congressman Ron Paul emerged victorious. Winning more votes than any of his three opponents, Rep. Paul captured 29 percent of the ballots, just edging out second place finisher Mitt Romney with 26 percent.  Read More


Public Officials Must Learn About Agenda 21
Freedom Advocates
Henry Lamb
March 6, 2012

California Representative Wally Herger offered an article on Agenda 21 which, unfortunately, reflects  a lack of knowledge about Agenda 21 – shared by far too many elected officials.   In the first instance, he said that Agenda 21 is a document developed at a U.N. Conference in 1993.


Agenda 21 was developed over a period of time, traceable from the 1972 U.N. Conference on the Environment, which identified “environmental protection” as the world’s greatest problem, and gave the world the U.N. Environmental Programme,  followed almost immediately by Nixon’s Executive Order that created the EPA.  Read More


Uncle Sam: If It Ends in .Com, It’s .Seizable
David Kravets
March 6, 2012

When U.S. authorities shuttered sports-wagering site Bodog.com last week, it raised eyebrows across the net because the domain name was registered with a Canadian company, ostensibly putting it beyond the reach of the U.S. government. Working around that, the feds went directly to VeriSign, a U.S.-based internet backbone company that has the contract to manage the coveted .com and other “generic” top-level domains. 
Read More

Ron Paul gets endorsement from five members of Romney’s family

The Daily Caller
Alex Pappas
March 5, 2012

Texas Rep. Ron Paul on Monday announced that five distant relatives of rival Mitt Romney’s family are endorsing his Republican presidential campaign.

A news release from the Paul campaign boasts of having the support of Ty Romney, Travis Romney, Chad Romney, Jared Romney and Troy Romney. Three of the Romneys — who live in Idaho — will speak on Paul’s behalf during the state’s caucuses on Tuesday.  Read More


Boom-Era Property Speculators to Get Foreclosure Aid: Mortgages
Prashant Gopal
March 4, 2012

The Obama administration will extend mortgage assistance for the first time to investors who bought multiple homes before the market imploded, helping some speculators who drove up prices and inflated the housing bubble.

Landlords can qualify for up to four federally-subsidized loan workouts starting around May, as long as they rent out each house or have plans to fill them, under the revamped Home Affordable Modification Program, also known as HAMP, according to Timothy Massad, the Treasury’s assistant secretary for financial stability. The program pays banks to reduce monthly payments by cutting interest rates, stretching terms, and forgiving principal.  Read More


Soooo...Why would they want to invent something like this, and can you imagine the uses!
Japan invents speech-jamming gun that silences people mid-sentence

My Fox Orlando
March 2, 2012

Japanese researchers have invented a speech-jamming gadget that painlessly forces people into silence.

Kazutaka Kurihara of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and Koji Tsukada of Ochanomizu University, developed a portable "SpeechJammer" gun that can silence people more than 30 meters away.  Read More


Arpaio: 'Probable cause' Obama certificate a fraud
World Net Daily
March 2, 2012

An investigative “Cold Case Posse” launched six months ago by “America’s toughest sheriff” – Joe Arpaio of Arizona’s Maricopa County – has concluded there is probable cause that the document released by the White House last year as President Obama’s birth certificate is a computer-generated forgery.

The investigative team has asked Arpaio, who is at a news conference in Phoenix live-streamed by WND TV that began at 3 p.m. Eastern time, to elevate the investigation to a criminal probe that will make available the resources of his Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.  Read More


Iowa’s delegate seats for sale: Sources
Denver Examiner
Jeffrey Phelps
March 2, 2012

Sources tell the Conspiracy Examiner that Steve Scheffler, conservative President of the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition, has been promising Iowa’s national delegate seats in exchange for large donations to the IFFC.

Eyewitnesses came forward Friday to detail an unfolding situation that shows potential criminal violations by the embattled Iowa National Committeeman to the RNC.  Read More

Canada and the United States discuss border and law enforcement-related issues at the 12th Cross-Border Crime Forum in Ottawa
Public Safety Canada
March 2, 2012

The Honourable Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada; the Honourable Vic Toews, Canada's Minister of Public Safety; the Honourable United States Attorney General, Eric Holder; and the Honourable United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano met at the 12th Canada–United States Cross-Border Crime Forum today to advance discussions on border and law enforcement-related issues.

The Cross-Border Crime Forum is a joint effort of Public Safety Canada, the Department of Justice Canada, the United States Department of Justice and the United States Department of Homeland Security. It brings together senior officials from law enforcement and justice organizations in Canada and the United States to address transnational crime issues such as organized crime, counter-terrorism, smuggling, economic crime and other emerging cross-border threats.  Read More


Carol Paul: Election fraud confirmed
Denver Examiner
Jeffrey Phelps
March 1, 2012

Carol Paul breaks her silence and tells a WTPN activist that half of Ron Paul’s votes are being thrown away during a post-AZ GOP debate viewing party appearance backstage.

The normally very quiet, Carol Paul, wife of Republican GOP candidate, Dr. Ron Paul, was seen here on tape blaming election fraud as the culprit behind some of Ron Paul’s caucus losses in the 2012 race for the Republican nomination.  Read More


Why Sheriff Joe’s Finding Are SO Important
The National Patriot
Craig Andersen
March 1, 2012

This afternoon, the much awaited results of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse were made known. Arpaio presented the evidence to a room full of reporters and used a multi-media presentation to show the process.

Without going into detail, the results were not all that surprising as we already suspected what we learned.

Regarding Obama’s birth certificate, the Cold Case Posse utilized forensic document experts to show HOW it was created. The document was indeed layered but, by showing a control document, the experts were able to explain how a computer scan will layer, in more than 100 layers, such a document.  Read More


Monsanto Trial Verdict Leads To Protest In Washington, D.C.
Huffington Post
James Gerken
February 29, 2012

Protesters assembled in front of the Washington, D.C. offices of agricultural biotech giant Monsanto Wednesday, in response to a federal judge's dismissal of a class-action lawsuit against the company.

Chanting phrases like "Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Monsanto has got to go!,"  Read More


You need to ask yourself, "Why!!!"  Remember, he is also involved with the Seed Bank!
Bill Gates, Monsanto, and eugenics: How one of the world's wealthiest men is actively promoting a corporate takeover of global agriculture

Natural News
Ethan Huff
February 29, 2012

After it was exposed that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the philanthropic brainchild of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, purchased 500,000 shares in Monsanto back in 2010 valued at more than $23 million, it became abundantly clear that this so-called benevolent charity is up to something other than eradicating disease and feeding the world's poor. It turns out that the Gates family legacy has long been one of trying to dominate and control the world's systems, including in the areas of technology, medicine, and now agriculture.
  Read More

Imagine that!!!  With SO many programs and no true oversight...

GAO finds billions of dollars in redundant gov’t programs

The Daily Caller
Alexis Levinson
February 29, 2012

The government could save tens of billions of dollars each year if redundant and duplicative programs were cut, according to a report released by the Government Accountability Office on Tuesday.

The GAO report examines programs and services that could be streamlined to increase efficiency of government and save money. It looked at areas of where it found either duplication or overlap of services — when “two or more agencies or programs are engaged in the same activities or provide the same services to the same beneficiaries — and fragmentation, when “more than one federal agency (or more than one organization with an agency) is involved in the same broad national interest.” Fragmentation often amounts to an overlap.  Read More

Guess who comes out on top...
Primary Numbers:  The GOP Candidates and the National Debt

US Budget Watch
February 23, 2012

The United States faces a number of serious fiscal and economic challenges. Federal budget deficits are projected for the foreseeable future, the economy remains weak, Social Security faces long-term financing concerns, health care spending is growing faster than the economy, tax policy is at a major crossroads, and our national debt continues to rise. Inattention to the ballooning national debt threatens to undermine the economy and our competitiveness, and could lead to a serious fiscal crisis.

Our country’s debt trajectory is unsustainable. Historically, debt held by the public has averaged less than 40 percent of GDP since 1970. Today’s debt is roughly 70 percent of GDP and rising fast, particularly due to the retirement of the baby boom population and rapid health care cost growth. The United States is currently at a crossroads, where fundamental but thoughtful changes can be made now, or else far more painful ones can be forced upon us down the road.

Our leaders will have to take concrete steps to confront these challenges, including raising additional revenues, reducing spending, or some combination of the two.  Read More

Only 3 Reps voted against this bill…
Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ will make protest illegal
Russia Today
February 29, 2012

Just when you thought the government couldn’t ruin the First Amendment any further: The House of Representatives approved a bill on Monday that outlaws protests in instances where some government officials are nearby, whether or not you even know it.

The US House of Representatives voted 388-to-3 in favor of H.R. 347 late Monday, a bill which is being dubbed the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011. In the bill, Congress officially makes it illegal to trespass on the grounds of the White House, which, on the surface, seems not just harmless and necessary, but somewhat shocking that such a rule isn’t already on the books. The wording in the bill, however, extends to allow the government to go after much more than tourists that transverse the wrought iron White House fence.  Read More

HR 347: Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011  Read More


Clinton: Arming Syrian rebels could help al Qaeda
Wyatt Andrews
February 27, 2012

Syrian activists said that another 135 people were killed there Monday, many of them while fleeing the besieged city of Homs, as Syrian President Bashar Assad continues his brutal, 11-month crackdown on opponents of his regime. 
Read More


About time Monsanto got theirs...
Monsanto Pays 93 Million to Victims In Settlement

Truth Theory
Cassandra Anderson
February 28, 2012

Monsanto tentatively agreed to a $93 million settlement with some residents of Nitro, West Virginia. Nitro is a small town that got its name from manufacturing explosives during WWI.  It was also the site of a Monsanto chemical plant that manufactured 2,4,5-T herbicide that was half of the Agent Orange recipe. Herbicide 2,4,5-T was contaminated with the caustic by-product dioxin. This settlement may open the floodgates to successfully suing Monsanto for its poison. 
Read More


Rick Santorum, please stand down...You against our liberties and we have had enough!
‘Thomas Paine vs George Washington’: Santorum and Beck Part Ways on Libertarianism

The Blaze
Mytheos Holt
February 23, 2012

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum appeared on the Glenn Beck program to discuss the state of the race for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. The tone of the overall exchange was cordial, with Santorum joking at the start, “You know, Glenn, sometimes my wife loves you more than me.” 
Read more


Poll: Ron Paul surges 7 points in California
The State Column
February 23, 2012

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) has surged 7 points in the Golden State, according to a Field Poll of registered California Republican voters.

Mr. Paul garnered 16 percent of the votes among California Republicans to secure third place. Mr. Santorum pulled in 25 percent of the votes to take second place and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney leads the Republican pack with 31 percent of the votes. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich finished in fourth with 12 percent of the votes.  Read More


White House refuses to reveal ties with Monsanto
Russia Today
February 23, 2012

Despite requests made under the Freedom of Information Act for correspondence out of the White House, the Obama administration is refusing to comply with calls to disclose discussions with Monsanto-linked lobbyists.

The US-based non-profit group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) is demanding that the White House comply with a FOIA request for information that might link the Obama administration with lobbyists tied to the Monsanto corporation.  Read More


Confessions of a climate gate-opener
Richard Black
February 22, 2012

So what's happened since last week's post, flagging up and analysing the contents of documents obtained through subterfuge from the leading US climate sceptic lobby group?

First, we saw a request from the institute that all media organisations who'd covered the story should take their articles down and issue retractions, with a vague threat of legal action.  Read More

And, since DC won't take care of business, I guess the states will be asserting their SOVEREIGN RIGHTS!
Vermont Introduces Monumental GMO Labeling Legislation
Wake-up World
Anthony Gucciardi
February 10, 2012

Vermont has taken the initiative against Monsanto and other biotechnology corporations in launching new legislation that would require the labeling of products containing genetically modified ingredients. The bill, known as the ‘VT Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act’, was introduced to the Vermont House of Representatives by Representative Kate Webb of Shelburne on February 1st, 2012. The bill would require the labeling of not only products filled entirely with GMOs, but also for those partially created using GM ingredients.  Read More


Lunacy...In what country do we live!?!
New Hampshire man arrested for firing gun into ground while catching suspected burglar

Fox News
Joshua Rhett Miller
February 21, 2012

A New Hampshire man who fired his handgun into the ground to scare an alleged burglar he caught crawling out of a neighbor's window is now facing a felony charge -- and the same potential prison sentence as the man he stopped.

Dennis Fleming, 61, of Farmington, was arrested for reckless conduct after the Saturday incident at his 19th century farmhouse. The single grandfather had returned home to find that his home had been burglarized and spotted Joseph Hebert, 27, climbing out of a window at a neighbor's home.  Read More


Maine Caucuses Finish Closer Than Expected, Strange Recount
The New American
Thomas Eddlem
February 19, 2012

Texas Congressman Ron Paul won strong victories in rural Maine caucuses February 18, but the Saturday caucuses do not quite appear to have lifted Paul to victory statewide over his chief rival, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. But there are new questions about some of the vote tallies in the updated Maine GOP count, especially where the results for the Portland caucus were reversed in favor of Romney. 
Read More


Ron Paul defeats Newt Gingrich, wins Georgia straw poll
The State Column
February 18, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul defeated former House Speaker Newt Gingrich Saturday to win a Georgia straw poll conducted by the Gwinnett County Republican Party, Suwanee Patch reports. 
Read More


Keep in mind, we are intimately connected to the UK...whether you want to believe it or not.  What happens there usually comes here and vice versa...
Phone and email records to be stored in new spy plan

The Telegraph
David Barrett
February 18, 2012

Landline and mobile phone companies and broadband providers will be ordered to store the data for a year and make it available to the security services under the scheme.

The databases would not record the contents of calls, texts or emails but the numbers or email addresses of who they are sent and received by.

For the first time, the security services will have widespread access to information about who has been communicating with each other on social networking sites such as Facebook.  Read More


Ron Paul would best Obama in Iowa general election matchup
The Washington Post
Felicia Sonmez
February 18, 2012

A new Des Moines Register poll shows Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) would best President Obama in the Hawkeye State if the general election were held today. 

In the Iowa Poll, which surveyed 611 likely Iowa voters over Feb. 12-15 and had a margin of error of 4 percentage points, Paul would take 49 percent to Obama’s 42 percent. 
Read More


Want it stopped?  QUIT FLYING!  No excuses, just QUIT FLYING!
Taxpayers slapped with $32 billion bill to pay for TSA molestation of their children and seniors

Natural News
Ethan Huff
February 17, 2012

The Obama Administration has proposed significantly hiking air travel fees to cover the costs associated with the U.S. Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) molestation of air travelers. Under the new plan, which would garner a whopping $32 billion in ten years, ticket fees that cover the costs of TSA security screenings would more than double for passengers, costing them at least $5 per one-way trip. 
Read More


Ahead of Saturday caucus, Maine GOP releases updated vote count
The Daily Caller
Steven Nelson
February 17, 2012

After initially refusing to release the updated vote count from the Maine caucuses, the state party’s chairman, Charlie Webster, has decided to do so.

The updated results released Friday afternoon include votes initially omitted from Waldo County, as well as from several localities outside of that county.  Read More


L.A. County supervisors respond to Frisbee fine furor
LA Times
L.A. County supervisors learned Tuesday what happens when you try to fix a problem that doesn't really exist.

It all began last week when the supervisors approved what they thought was a routine updating of various county beach codes, including a four-decade-old ban on playing football and Frisbee on public sand.

But that section of the law was obscure. Beach officials had not issued a single citation in at least 40 years. 
Read More


RP Supporter Chairman of Belfast Maine Caucus Calls State GOP to Confirm Vote Tally, result "not even close" to the actual vote!
The Daily Paul
February 13, 2012

I served as the Chairman of my Caucus in Belfast and I just called the State office to make sure they had the numbers from Belfast and the number they had wasn't not even close to the actually vote [sic]. They said that Romney won, when in fact Ron Paul won. 
Read More

Maine Election Fraud - Eyewitness Testimony
The Daily Paul
February 14, 2012
Read More


Thanks, Dither, for contributing this to The Daily Paul!
Santorum vs. Paul - Pass It Along!

The Daily Paul
February 13, 2012

I typed this up after a family member told me he was leaning towards Santorum (he listens to talk radio). Feel free to use it with your own family, friends, etc.

Rick Santorum helped bring about the fiscal calamity that is destroying the United States. He was, and is, as much a part of the problem as Obama and the Democrats. Ron Paul, meanwhile, was and remains the lone, consistent voice of opposition to the big-spending, government-expanding schemes of both Republicans and Democrats. Santorum's path has led the country to ruin. If Dr. Paul's prescription had been followed, all of this could have been avoided. Here is the record. 
Read More


Yeah, well at least they are paying attention to THAT!
Voters Are Gung-Ho for Use of Drones But Not Over the United States

Rasmussen Reports
February 13, 2012

Voters strongly approve of President Obama's decision to use unmanned drones to go after terrorists, but they're much less excited about the use of such aircraft for surveillance on the home front.

The president recently acknowledged that the United States has a secret drone program for killing al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists, and the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just nine percent (9%) of Likely U.S. Voters oppose such a program.  Read More

Ron Paul could be the real winner of Maine caucus
Russia Today
February 13, 2012

The mainstream media reported Mitt Romney the victor of the Maine caucus on Saturday, claiming another win for the frontrunner who had slipped in standing behind Rick Santorum during the previous week’s contests.

Then again, when you ignore an entire county, it’s easy to come out on top.  Read More


No need to watch Fox News anymore!
Fox Business Network Cancels Entire Primetime Lineup

Huffington Post
February 9, 2012

Fox Business Network announced a drastic shakeup of its programming on Thursday, cancelling all of its primetime shows and replacing them with reruns.

The network has long trailed its major business news rival, CNBC, in the ratings, but the suddenness of the moves was still surprising. "FreedomWatch with Judge Andrew Napolitano," "Power & Money with David Asman" and "Follow the Money with Eric Bolling" were all canceled.  Read More


Well...The delegate process IS constitutional, after all!!!
Ron Paul Secretly Won the Caucuses

David Weigel
February 8, 2012

They all laughed at Ron Paul. They all laughed when he took a stage in Minnesota, having come in a solid second place, and reminded the faithful of a "little thing called delegates!"

They were serious about it. Paul's people believe that they understand the delegate process, and that the media does not. There is truth here: The delegate process is confusing, and I assume that Paul supporters have used their four years of organizing and studying in a fruitful manner.  Read More


DHS Announces Permanent Global Entry Program
Travel Agent Central
George Dooley
February 7, 2012

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano announced the publication of a final rule that would establish Global Entry—a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) voluntary initiative, which allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers.

DHS says the move will streamline the international arrivals and admission process at airports for trusted travelers through biometric identification—as a permanent program.  Read More


Coming to a city near you...
Spying on Europe’s farms with satellites and drones
BBC Europe
Laurence Peter
February 7, 2012

Imagine a perfect walk in the country, a few years from now - tranquillity, clean air, birdsong in the trees and hedgerows, growing crops swaying in the breeze.

Suddenly a model plane swoops overhead.

But there is no-one around manipulating radio controls. This is not a toy, but a drone on a photographic mission.  Read More

WOW, that was fast...What did I tell you!?!
Drones over U.S. get OK by Congress
Shaun Waterman
February 12, 2012

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s … a drone, and it’s watching you. That’s what privacy advocates fear from a bill Congress passed this week to make it easier for the government to fly unmanned spy planes in U.S. airspace.

The FAA Reauthorization Act, which President Obama is expected to sign, also orders the Federal Aviation Administration to develop regulations for the testing and licensing of commercial drones by 2015.

Privacy advocates say the measure will lead to widespread use of drones for electronic surveillance by police agencies across the country and eventually by private companies as well.

“There are serious policy questions on the horizon about privacy and surveillance, by both government agencies and commercial entities,” said Steven Aftergood, who heads the Project on Government Secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists.  Read More


Caddo commissioner continues push for public pajama ban
KSLA News 12
Carolyn Roy
February 6, 2012

The Caddo Parish Commissioner pushing for a ban on pajamas in public is not backing down.

Michael Williams' proposal hasn't even been introduced yet, but it stirred up a lot of controversy when he first confirmed his intentions in mid-January. It also prompted a pajama protest of sorts.

On Monday Williams announced to fellow commissioners his plans to introduce an ordinance, and to start a letter-writing campaign.

"I'm going to do a national letter writing campaign to major department stores, to Targets to Best Buys, to Wal-marts," said Williams outside of Government Plaza in downtown Shreveport.  Read More


Facebook surrenders its privacy in IPO documents

USA Today
Michael Liedtke
February 2, 2012

Facebook is baring its business soul.

The unveiling came late Wednesday when the company filed its plans to raise $5 billion in an initial public offering of stock. It's a revelatory moment that prospective investors, curious competitors and nosy reporters have been awaiting for two years. During that time, Facebook established itself as a communications hub and emerged as a threat to the Internet's most powerful company, Google.  Read More


Carney to religious health care providers: ‘The decision has been made’
The Daily Caller
Neil Munro
February 2, 2012

White House spokesman Jay Carney on Thursday tried to shut down growing opposition to the president’s decision to force religious groups to pay fines if they decline to comply with a policy regarding health insurance and contraception.

“No, there’s not a debate” about the policy inside the administration, Carney said during Thursday’s White House press conference, where several reporters repeatedly pressured him about the new directive, issued Jan. 20.  Read More


Oh, NOW we get to it...
Study reveals almost complete Ron Paul media blackout in Florida

Houston Chronicle
Samantha Wagner
February 2, 2012

The low numbers Ron Paul chalked up in Florida weren’t limited to votes.

He got 7 percent of the vote in last Saturday’s Republican presidential primary, which was good for a distant fourth place finish.  Read More


So…when will this “abuse” be addressed???  AND, for the record, the ORIGINAL TEA Party was a diverse group of Independents, Republicans, and Democrats sick of the status quo…What happened to THAT group???
Radio Host Loses It With Female GOP Candidate: ‘Get Your Stupid A**’ Out & I‘m Scared Your ’Whiteness’ Might Rub Off on Me
The Blaze
February 1, 2012

What you’re about to hear is stunning. Get ready.

Here’s how MRC explains the exchange between a Memphis radio host, Thaddeus Matthews, and a GOP candidate for Congress, Charlotte Bergmann:

This shocking video (uploaded to YouTube by someone not friendly to the Tea Party) shows Memphis talk radio host Thaddeus Matthews insulting and humiliating Republican congressional candidate Charlotte Bergmann on air.  Read More


Where is the Newt Campaign's integrity???
Paul campaign: Newt must pay medical bills for broken foot
The Daily Caller
Steven Nelson
February 1, 2012

The Ron Paul campaign is demanding that Newt Gingrich pay the medical bills for Eddie Dillard, a Paul supporter whose foot was broken Tuesday after Gingrich staffers intentionally stomped on it.

Campaigning at a Florida polling place Tuesday, Gingrich was greeted by Dillard, who held his Paul sign as Gingrich supporters rallied around their candidate.  Read More


For Romney and Paul, a strategic alliance between establishment and outsider
Washington Post
Amy Gardener
February 1, 2012

The remaining candidates in the winnowed Republican presidential field are attacking one another with abandon, each day bringing fresh headlines of accusations and outrage.

But Mitt Romney and Ron Paul haven’t laid a hand on each other.  Read More


Ron Paul cut from CPAC roster?
The Examiner
Stephen Woodward
January 31, 2012

Texas Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul was a fixture of the youth crowds attending the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in recent years. But when the names of CPAC's 2012 featured speakers were unveiled Monday by the American Conservative Union, Paul's was not among them. 
Read More


Not that I think Paul can be bought, but this is a bit unsettling!
Ron Paul's Biggest Supporter Is A Bilderberger, International Financier

January 31, 2012

The largest donor to a SuperPAC supporting Ron Paul is Peter Thiel, the sort of ultra-wealthy, super-national figure Paul and his supporters love to hate.

Thiel -- who gave $900,000 to the pro-Paul group Endorse Liberty -- made his fortune as the co-founder of PayPal; he was also an early investor in Facebook, and is now a major player in the world of high-tech venture capital. He's also a devoted libertarian and devoted Republican: He hosted a fundraiser for the confrontational gay conservative group GOProud at his grand apartment off Union Square in 2010.  Read More


College administrator resigns over fake SAT scores
Associated Press via Yahoo News
Amy Taxin
January 31, 2012

A senior administrator at Claremont McKenna College resigned after acknowledging that he falsified college entrance exam scores for years to publications responsible for ranking the small school among universities, an official said.

An investigation was launched after inaccuracies were detected in the SAT scores reported for the class entering in fall 2011, college president Pamela B. Gann told staff members and students in an email message on Monday.  Read More


What happened at Obama-no-show trial
World Net Daily
Jerome Corsi
January 27, 2012

Georgia citizens today delivered sworn testimony to a court that Barack Obama is slam-dunk disqualified from having his name on the 2012 presidential ballot in the state, because his father never was a U.S. citizen, which prevents him from qualifying as a “natural-born citizen” as the U.S. Constitution requires for a president.

The historic hearing was the first time that a court has accepted arguments on the merits of the controversy over Obama’s status. Read More


Is President Obama Creating A Nation Of Dependents?
John Merline
January 26, 2012

If the Republican primaries are any indication, one big debate in the upcoming election will be whether President Obama is pushing the country toward a European-style welfare culture.

Mitt Romney, for example, argues that "over the past three years, Barack Obama has been replacing our merit-based society with an entitlement society."  Read More


Newt Gingrich? Really?
Chuck Baldwin Live
Chuck Baldwin
January 26, 2012
Last weekend, Republican voters in South Carolina picked the candidate they want to be the GOP standard bearer for the November elections: Newt Gingrich. Newt Gingrich? Really? What did I miss? Or better, what did Republican voters in South Carolina miss?

What is not lost to virtually everyone who understands national politics is the fact that there is perhaps no State in the union where evangelical Christians have more influence within the State Republican Party than in South Carolina.  Read More


Indiana Senate Bill 68 Attempts to change election rules midstream
The Daily Paul
January 23, 2012

Indiana Senator Mike Delph is attempting to change Indiana's ballot access requirements for the presidential primary in midstream. He has authored Indiana Senate Bill 68 which has a provision in Section 2.5(c) that is unfair to those campaigns which have already worked hard to meet the current requirements.  Read More


WOW!  This is a FUN election cycle...Can we go back to PAPER ballots now!?!
Iowa vote fraud official
Denver Conspiracy Examiner
Jeffrey Phelps
January 21, 2012

It’s official, or is it? Once again the establishment is showing it’s cards in an obvious attempt to defraud Ron Paul from the nomination, as Iowa GOP ‘officials’ purposely disrupt and permanently invalidate the 2012 Iowa Caucus.

The official Caucus website, in conjunction with the Des Moines Register, had to come forward Thursday to claim the official results can “never be certified” after 8 different precincts turn up invalid results due to “missing votes” and changing stories.  Read More

South Carolina attorney general informs Justice Department of dead voters
Fox News
Associated Press
January 21, 2012

South Carolina's attorney general has notified the U.S. Justice Department of potential voter fraud.

Attorney General Alan Wilson sent details of an analysis by the Department of Motor Vehicles to U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles.  Read More

What a shocker!
2012 GOP caucus count unresolved

Des Moines Register
Jennifer Jacobs
January 19, 2012

THE RESULTS: Santorum finished ahead by 34 votes
MISSING DATA: 8 precincts’ numbers will never be certified
PARTY VERDICT: GOP official says, ‘It’s a split decision’

Rick Santorum Final total: 29,839 Change: -168
Mitt Romney Final total: 29,805 Change: -210

Read More

Check out Jana Murray’s blog for other voting-related articles.


Poll Shows Obama’s Vulnerability With Swing Voters
New York Times
Jeff Zeleny and Dalia Sussman
January 18, 2012

President Obama opens his re-election bid facing significant obstacles among independent voters, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll, with the critical piece of the electorate that cemented his victory four years ago open to denying him a second term. 

As Mr. Obama moves toward a full-throated campaign, delivering a State of the Union address on Tuesday and inching closer to directly confronting his Republican challenger, a majority of independent voters have soured on his presidency, disapprove of how he has dealt with the economy and do not have a clear idea of what he hopes to accomplish if re-elected.  Read More


Ron Paul wins South Carolina debate Twitter poll
The State Column
Staff Writer
January 17, 2012

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, won a South Carolina debate Twitter poll Monday night. The South Carolina debate, hosted by Fox News, featured the remaining five Republican candidates in a last minute showdown to unseat former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in the Palmetto State.  Read More

Video:  Ron Paul Dominates Fox’s Twitter Survey Of The SC FOX News Debate – Jan 16 2012


Nancy Pelosi: GOP knows Mitt Romney can’t win
Seung Min Kim
January 17, 2012

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday launched political grenades at Mitt Romney, arguing that Republicans haven’t coalesced behind the GOP frontrunner because they don’t believe he can beat President Barack Obama in November.

The House’s top Democrat repeatedly jabbed at the former Massachusetts governor during an hour-long interview hosted by POLITICO and taunted the GOP for a slate of presidential contenders that she said was “not exactly what you would call the first string of the Republican Party.”  Read More


And the media admits the truth!
The Times admits it deep-sixed Ron Paul

New Jersey.Com
Paul Mulshine
January 16, 2012

It's been obvious for almost a year now that the New York Times was participating in the media conspiracy to kill Ron Paul's candidacy by pretending it didn't exist.

Nice to see them admit it.

In Sunday's Times, public editor Arthur S. Brisbane wrote  of the decision to deep-six the only candidate in the race who has anything interesting to say.  Read More


This is NOT how this country is supposed to work!!!
Wall Streets Campaign Contributions and Lobbyist Expenditures

Wall Street Watch

The financial sector invested more than $5 billion in political influence purchasing in the United States over the last decade.

The entire financial sector (finance, insurance, real estate) drowned political candidates  in campaign contributions, spending more than $1.738 billion in federal elections from 1998-2008. Primarily reflecting the balance of power over the decade, about 55 percent went to Republicans and 45 percent to Democrats.  Read More


Poll: Ron Paul moves into second in South Carolina
The State Column
Staff Writer
January 15, 2012

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, has moved into second in South Carolina. A Reuters/Ipsos poll, released Saturday, found Mr. Paul tied with former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum for second place with 16 percent of the votes each.  Read More


This is a neat turn of events!
Are democrats smarter than republicans?

The Denver Conspiracy Examiner
Jeffery Phelps
January 14, 2012

Something doesn’t add up. The establishment’s media says Ron Paul is “not electable” yet comes in second in New Hampshire’s ‘Democratic’ Primary as well?

Yes, you heard that correctly. Not only has Ron Paul shocked the establishment by barely missing out on a stunning victory in Iowa and coming in a very strong second in NH, on the republican side of the race, he was also voted as being the second most favorite by the democrats as well, according to the official NH Democratic Primary results released the following day.  Read More


Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll

See it here


Romney’s Authenticity Problem
National Review Online
Jonah Goldberg
January 11, 2012

Mitt Romney is the most improbable of presidential candidates a weak juggernaut.

He is poised to sweep every primary contest — a first for a non-incumbent. And yet, in Republican ranks there’s an abiding sense that he should be beatable — and beaten.  Read More


One of our other presidents did this, as well...Constitutional Expert my a--!!!
Obama to Congress: I’ll decide what’s constitutional

The Daily Caller
Chris Cox
January 5, 2012

Election season is here, and you might think President Obama would be going out of his way to show voters that he can be trusted with the powers of the presidency. But you would be wrong. Just a few days before Christmas, Obama served notice to all Americans that he will continue to abuse executive privilege by seeking new ways to vilify gun owners and further his anti-gun agenda.  Read More


Well...They should know...
Two Four Star Generals Write New York Times Op-ed Against NDAA and Indefinite Detention of Americans
The Intel Hub
December 21, 2011

Two four star Marine generals have written a stunning op-ed in the New York Times which demands that President Obama veto the National Defense Authorization Act, a bill that allows the government to use the military to indefinitely detain American citizens without due process.  Read More


They should just get out of his way and let others help him who actually believe in him!
Ron Paul’s “Loyal Aides”?

Justin Raimondo
December 20, 2011

A Washington Post piece on Ron Paul’s rise in the polls comes with the usual “but he can’t win” caveat, and there’s also this nugget:

“Yet, while the libertarian-leaning Texas congressman is earning support for his tight-fisted fiscal positions, he’s so out of step with the GOP mainstream on foreign policy and some domestic issues that even his most loyal aides doubt he can use his momentum to win the Republican nomination.”  Read More


Whoops, Dick...Looks like someone is calling you out!
Dick Morris Says American Troops Are Not “True Patriots”

Combat Veterans for Ron Paul 2012
December 20, 2011
Nick Allison, US Army

Recently, Dick Morris made comments on Sean Hannity’s radio show stating that anyone who supports Ron Paul and his campaign is unpatriotic. There’s nothing quite like a couple of chickenhawks who never served their country sitting around defining patriotism. While I am not easily offended, I nonetheless found Mr. Morris’ statements to be slightly disturbing and seriously hypocritical. 
Read More


This really shouldn't surprise anyone...In fact, nothing surprises me anymore!!!!
Napolitano: How the Government Breaks the Law
The Federal Observer
Judge Andrew Napolitano
December 21, 2011

It should be against the law to break the law. Unfortunately, it is not. In early 21st-century America, a dirty little secret still exists among public officials, politicians, judges, prosecutors, and the police. The government - federal, state, and local - is not bound to obey its own laws. I know this sounds crazy, but too many cases prove it true. It should be a matter of grave concern for every American who prizes personal liberty.  Read More


And now you know!
Obamacare Abominations

John Stossel
December 21, 2011

President Obama says his health care "reform" will be good for business.

Business has learned the truth.

Three successful businessmen explained to me how Obamacare is a reason that unemployment stays high. Its length and complexity make businessmen wary of expanding.  Read More


What if Ron Paul wins Iowa – and New Hampshire, too?
The Christian Science Monitor
Peter Grier
December 20, 2011

Ron Paul is surging in Iowa. In polls of Hawkeye State Republican voters, Rep. Paul has jumped from about 12 percent support on Dec. 12 to 21.7 percent support today, according to the RealClearPolitics rolling average. With Newt Gingrich’s Iowa support collapsing, Paul is suddenly the GOP frontrunner there – and the caucuses are only two weeks away.  Read More


Watchdog Files FEC Complaint Against Newt Gingrich

ABC News
Mathew Mosk and Elicia Dover
December 19, 2011

A Washington, D.C. watchdog group filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission Monday accusing Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich of getting improper financial support from his movie production company.

The complaint, by the group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), alleges that Gingrich Productions spent money on events -- billed as movie screenings -- that were in fact aimed at bolstering his campaign. And it claims the campaign paid Gingrich himself $42,000 for a mailing list that was actually supplied by the candidate's film company.  Read More


Call the National GOP and let them know what you think!
Ron Paul's Iowa surge triggers GOP anger at his supporters (VIDEO)

Washington Times
Laura Kelly and William J. Kelly
December 19, 2011

With the all-important Iowa caucuses just around the holiday corner on January 3, tensions are riding high in GOP presidential campaign circles. But with Ron Paul surging in some Iowa polls, the result is an overcooked Republican stew threatening to boil over.

Columnist Kathie Obradovich’s editorial in the Des Moines Register recently illustrates the way some Republican leaders view the Paul candidacy – as an unwelcome interloper:  Read More


A ‘blame America first’ Republican
New York Post
Rick Lowery
December 19, 2011

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is in a bid to make history in Iowa. Can he become the first marginal, conspiracy-minded congressman with an embarrassing catalog of racist material published under his name to win the caucuses? 
Read More


OK...You do WHAT and blame WHO???  Doesn't work that way, Mr. Holder!!!
Eric Holder "regrets" false letter to Congress, blames white people.
Charleston Conservative Examiner
Kyle Rogers
December 19, 2011

US Attorney General Eric Holder is feeling the heat over Fast & Furious. His department oversaw a vast gunrunning operation that sent thousands of firearms to Mexican drug cartels. Two members of Americans law enforcement have been murdered with these guns. The Mexican government estimates that over two hundred Mexican citizens, including many law enforcement officers, have been murdered with these weapons.  Read More


Paul leads in Iowa
Public Policy Polling
December 18, 2011

Newt Gingrich's campaign is rapidly imploding, and Ron Paul has now taken the lead in Iowa.  He's at 23% to 20% for Mitt Romney, 14% for Gingrich, 10% each for Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry, 4% for Jon Huntsman, and 2% for Gary Johnson.  Read More


Couple fights Hallsville's condemnation attempt
Columbia Tribune
Jodie Jackson, Jr.
December 18, 2011

Frank and Ann Martin stand to lose one-third of their family’s cropland unless Hallsville city officials stop eminent domain proceedings to take 148 acres of the Martins’ northern Boone County farm off Kemper Road.

The Martins made a public plea last week, sending a letter to all 1,670 residences and businesses with a Hallsville mailing address. The letter asks Hallsville residents to consider how much their sewer bills will increase if a board of alderman-approved plan by City Manager Joe Smith, which involves paying public funds for the condemned property, is implemented.  Read More


US charges ex-Fannie, Freddie CEOs with fraud
Associated Press via Yahoo Finance
Derek Kravitz
December 17, 2011

Two former CEOs at mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on Friday became the highest-profile individuals to be charged in connection with the 2008 financial crisis.

In a lawsuit filed in New York, the Securities and Exchange Commission brought civil fraud charges against six former executives at the two firms, including former Fannie CEO Daniel Mudd and former Freddie CEO Richard Syron.

The executives were accused of understating the level of high-risk subprime mortgages that Fannie and Freddie held just before the housing bubble burst.  Read More


Ron Paul Rocks the Debates, Draws Fire, and if He Wins Iowa? Never Mind!
Brian Doherty
December 16, 2011

Ron Paul staked out the grounds of his immovable Ron Paul-ness last night at the last (Allah be praised!) GOP candidate debate before the Iowa caucus on January 3.

The all-Paul version of the debate:  Read/See More


Three myths about the detention bill
Glenn Greenwald
December 16, 2011

Condemnation of President Obama is intense, and growing, as a result of his announced intent to sign into law the indefinite detention bill embedded in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). These denunciations come not only from the nation’s leading civil liberties and human rights groups, but also from the pro-Obama New York Times Editorial Page, which today has a scathing Editorial describing Obama’s stance as “a complete political cave-in, one that reinforces the impression of a fumbling presidency” and lamenting that “the bill has so many other objectionable aspects that we can’t go into them all,” as well as from vocal Obama supporters such as Andrew Sullivan, who wrote yesterday that this episode is “another sign that his campaign pledge to be vigilant about civil liberties in the war on terror was a lie.”  Read More

Politics Over Principle

New York Times Opinion
December 16, 2011

The trauma of Sept. 11, 2001, gave rise to a dangerous myth that, to be safe, America had to give up basic rights and restructure its legal system. The United States was now in a perpetual state of war, the argument went, and the criminal approach to fighting terrorism — and the due process that goes along with it — wasn’t tough enough.  Read More

If they have nothing to hide, where is the missing video footage???
Police Officer Tasers 14-Year-Old Girl

NBC Philadelphia
David Chang
December 14, 2011

An edited surveillance video of a police officer firing a Taser at a 14-year-old girl was released as part of evidence for a federal lawsuit filed against the officer and the city of Allentown.

The incident happened back on Sept. 29 outside of Dieruff High School.   Read More


Boxer: "Poison Pill" In GOP Payroll Tax Bill "Will Kill 8,100" People For Christmas
Real Clear Politics
December 13, 2011

"They have attached a poison pill -- literally, colleagues -- because it will kill 8,100 more people more than would have otherwise been killed from pollution," Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Cali.) said on the Senate floor today about Republicans trying to roll back a Clean Air Act provision.  See Video


Just one more thing about WWII that doesn't "add up!"
Famous photo of female Pearl Harbor firefighters debunked

Yahoo News
Eric Pfieffer
December 12, 2011

A photograph of three women reportedly fighting fires in the aftermath of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor has been debunked. Katherine Lowe, 96, who is the woman standing second from the right in the picture, says that while the photo is real, it wasn't actually taken on December 7, 1941.  Read More


Health Care, the Commerce Clause and Broccoli: What the Obama Administration Must Do to Prevail in the Supreme Court
Huffington Post
Eric Segall
December 12, 2011

Now that the Supreme Court has decided to hear the constitutional challenge to the individual mandate contained in President Obama's Health Care Plan, the Administration has in all likelihood started to plan its litigation strategy for the oral argument in front of the Court. The overwhelming consensus among constitutional law professors and other Court watchers is that the four moderates on the Court will vote to uphold the mandate, Justice Thomas will almost certainly vote against it, and the votes of the other four Justices (Scalia, Roberts, Alito and Kennedy), for different reasons, are up for grabs. There is, however, one almost sure way to lose all four of those votes…  Read More


Mainstream Media doing it's thing!
Facebook Page Removed After Uploading Video Exposing Obviously Skewed Barbara Walters Interview With Assad

The Intel Hub
Madison Ruppert
December 12, 2011

In a clear act of censorship, after a video was uploaded to the official Facebook page for the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) which exposed the highly manipulated ABC interview with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the page was removed by Facebook.

The video was of a press conference held by the spokesman for the Syrian Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ministry, Jihad Makdessi, showing how the ABC interview was deceitfully edited.  Read More


Why, this isn't what the mainstream media is telling us!
Drake University Straw Poll Results

Oskaloosa News
December 11, 2011

As campus buzzed with the activity of the ABC News Presidential Debate, 1,223 Drake University students participated in one of the largest student straw polls this election cycle. Students were asked to pick their favorite Republican candidate. Among the Republican contenders, Ron Paul won the poll with 35 percent of the vote. Paul was followed by Mitt Romney (25 percent) and Newt Gingrich (10 percent).  Read more

Another Poll showing interesting results
NBC News/Marist Poll: Gingrich Races to Head of the Pack in Iowa
NBC/Marist Poll
December 4, 2011

With less than one month to go until the Iowa caucus, Newt Gingrich has surged to the top of the leaderboard in the state. Gingrich outdistances his closest rivals, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, by 8 and 9 percentage points, respectively.  Read More

Analysis of Poll
New Iowa Poll Has Ron Paul Best Able to Defeat Obama
Business Wire
December 5, 2011

Among all competitors for the Republican nomination, 2012 Presidential candidate Ron Paul has the best chance of defeating President Obama in a head-to-head race, according to a new poll.  Read More


Ron Paul Proposes Interesting Salary For Himself As President
Huffington Post
Allen Breed
December 10, 2011

Long before he discovered Friedrich Hayek and other free-market economists, Ron Paul got a lesson in sound money from his oldest brother, Bill.

It was the height of World War II, and the Paul boys were laying aside quarters from their Pittsburgh Press routes and pooling pennies earned from pulling dirty milk bottles off the line at the family dairy to buy war bonds. One day, Ronnie suggested what was, in retrospect, a rather Keynesian solution: "Why doesn't the government just PRINT this money?"

"Well," Bill responded, "then the money wouldn't have any value."

Bill was 10. Ron was about 7.  Read More


Congressional Democrats Propose Amending the Constitution to Censor Newspapers
Damon W Root
December 9, 2011

UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh runs down the free speech-crushing consequences of HJR 90, a proposed constitutional amendment backed by House Democrats including Reps. Theodore Deutch (Fla.), Peter DeFazio (Ore.), and Alcee Hastings (Fla.), which would forbid “for-profit corporations, limited liability companies, or other private entities established for business purposes” from “making contributions or expenditures in any election of any candidate for public office or the vote upon any ballot measure submitted to the people.”  Read More


Local sheriff defends farmer from FDA intrusion
American Vision News
Joel McDurmon
December 8, 2011

Brad Rogers, Sheriff of Elkhart County, Indiana, is withstanding FDA bureaucrats who are harassing citizens in his county. The Complete Patient reports,

The U.S. Justice Department has withdrawn its subpoena of Indiana raw dairy farmer Richard Hochstetler to appear before a federal grand jury.  Read More


Poor little Michael Moore...finding out the truth!  If it were ANYONE else...ANYONE, Moore would have ALREADY thrown them under the bus!!!
Moore: "Wall Street Has Their Man And His Name Is Barack Obama"

Real Clear Politics
Video Link
December 7, 2011

MICHAEL MOORE, ON CNN: Well, "The Washington post" three weeks ago had this investigation and they said that President Obama has now raised more money from Wall Street and the banks for this election cycle than all -- than all eight Republicans combined. I don't want to say that, because if that's the truth, that Wall Street already has their man and his name is Barack Obama, then we've got a much bigger problem.  Read More and Watch Video

Open Secrets Lobbying Database


Exclusive: Government Activating FEMA Camps Across U.S.
Kurt Nimmo & Alex Jones
December 6, 2011

Infowars.com has received a document originating from Halliburton subsidiary KBR that provides details on a push to outfit FEMA and U.S. Army camps around the United States. Entitled “Project Overview and Anticipated Project Requirements,” the document describes services KBR is looking to farm out to subcontractors. The document was passed on to us by a state government employee who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.  Read More


One of our main problems...When people can be bought and companies are willing to spend money, this is what you get!  
Older but well worth the info!
How Freddie Mac Splashed Cash to Halt Regulation

Associated Press
December 8, 2008

From a hefty lobbying budget to the use of free baseball tickets, Freddie Mac fended off any meaningful regulation in the years before the housing mortgage giant crashed, records obtained by The Associated Press show.  Read More


20 Things You Should Know About the Bill That Could Ruin America
Lauri Apple
December 5, 2011

Last week the U.S. Senate passed 93-7 a version of the National Defense Authorization Act that includes provisions giving the military the right to detain you forever and without charge if they think you're some kind of terrorist. Consider it an early holiday present! There is no exchange policy, sorry.  Read More


Congress endorsing military detention, a new AUMF
Glenn Greenwald
December 1, 2011

A bill co-sponsored by Democratic Sen. Carl Levin and GOP Sen. John McCain  (S. 1867) — included in the pending defense authorization bill — is predictably on its way to passage. It is triggering substantial alarm in many circles, including from the ACLU – and rightly so. But there are also many misconceptions about it that have been circulating that should be clarified, including a possible White House veto. Here are the bill’s three most important provisions:  Read More


FOIA Documents Show FBI Illegally Collecting Intelligence Under Guise of “Community Outreach”
December 1, 2011

The FBI has been illegally using its community outreach programs to secretly collect and store information about activities protected by the First Amendment for intelligence purposes, according to FBI documents released today by the American Civil Liberties Union.  Read More


At least someone in the Senate is taking their Oath seriously!
Sen. Paul Statement on Defeat of Detainee Amendment

Press Release
Senator Rand Paul’s Office
December 1, 2011

Tonight, Sen. Rand Paul prevented the passage of an amendment that would have further eroded Americans' constitutional rights. Offered to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal 2012 (S.1867), amendment No. 1274 would have allowed the U.S. government to detain an American citizen indefinitely, even after they had been tried and found not guilty, until Congress declares an end to the war on terror.  Read More

Senate Bill Allows Indefinite Imprisonment of Americans without Trial
All Gov
November 29, 2011

Bipartisan legislation being considered in the U.S. Senate would expand the military’s power to go after any terrorism suspect, including American citizens, anywhere in the world—including within the United States—and confine them indefinitely without being charged or tried.  Read More


Teen stopped at airport for design on purse
News 4 Jacksonville
December 1, 2011

A teenage girl's sense of style got her in trouble at the airport.

Vanessa Gibbs, 17, claims the Transportation Security Administration stopped her at the security gate because of the design of a gun on her handbag.

Gibbs said she had no problem going through security at Jacksonville International Airport, but rather, when she headed home from Virginia.  Read More

More TSA News:
Government gropers at airports a ruse for body scanners coming to schools and malls
Canadian Free Press
Doug Hagmann
November 15, 2010

Perhaps one of the most controversial topics today is the use of “naked” body scanners at airports by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a branch of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)...

In the body of the article:
Investigation into the financials of Rapiscan and its parent company becomes even more interesting when it is learned that George Soros also holds a financial stock interest in the company. As of last June, Soros held about 12,000 shares of OSI stock.  Read More

TSA Body Scanning Scam? Follow the Money!
Left Coast Rebel
November 15, 2010

Who could have guessed that the TSA's draconian new security measures, instituted shortly before the busiest travel holiday of the year, would have been so unpopular? Fighting terrorism with inconvenience, humiliation and terrorist acts against small children... What's not to like?  Read More



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